Take 1 Film: Dakota Smith and the Temple of Gloom

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  • Microsoft Windows
  • Firefox
  • If you satisfy those requirements, please press the install button for manual installation

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Emulator notes: This is one of the Take 1 films that was never tweaked to play outside of Take 1. To view it you will need to boot up Take 1, which you've done now. Hit "Return" at the title screen, because the option you want will be highlighted automatically. On the next screen, hit "Return" again. The Dakota Smith files will list. Choose between them using your Up and Down Arrow keys. When one film ends, hit Return again, bring up the list again and find the next one in the series.

Troubleshooting: If a disk fails to load or you get a startup error, try deleting your Internet Explorer cache to fix the problem. Go to the Tools->Internet Options->Delete Files menu and click on OK to delete your cache. Then refresh the page to reload the disk.