Part X: The Simpsons

Ever since I started scanning old TV Guides, this is a chapter I've wanted to create. The one ad I specifically looked for in every issue was the Simpsons ad. Quite often, they were as funny as the show itself (and in my earlier naive years I thought Groening drew and wrote them. The ads, not the entire show -- I wasn't THAT dumb). An animated series, being composed of drawings, translates better to a print ad than any other type of show.

Last time I spoke of a hole in my collection ranging from 1989 to 1993; none of you came forward with donations, but the problem solved itself. It turned out they were there anyway, just in a different unexplored part of Dad's basement. Today every ad from the first and second seasons will be displayed, with more possibly to come. So into the clouds, through the logo and here we go!

BONUS: Back when he remembered he had a website, Matt uploaded the original television ad for the first Simpsons. So there's that too!

Bart the Genius -- January 14, 1990