Spongebob Squarepants knows where you live....
                                                     Here's how!....

                                    Go to the Yellow Pages and find the "perpetual calendar." That is, the page that shows all 14 possible combinations for a calendar year. Have you ever noticed that one year Christmas will fall on a Tuesday, and the next year it will fall on a Wednesday? Factor in leap years, and you get the 14 possible combinations listed in the Yellow Pages(or "Dex"...whatever it's called now.)
Unfortunately, this only tells you which calendar goes for what year until the year 2040. But you can fix that...find when the year 2040 ends, and then make a note of what day in the week 2041 begins!! Now keep doing that until you've got the week-days of holidays figured out for the next 1,000,000,000 years. Then go BACKWARDS 1,000,000,000 years one step at a time and find out the days of the week for THOSE years!! Then, to test yourself, answer these questions:

1. What day of the week will May 19, 2575 be?
2. What day of the week was September 7, 1846?
3. What day of the week was November 9, 1448?
4. What day of the week will June 30, 5008 be?
5. What day of the week was March 29, 2512 BC?
6. What day of the week will December 17, 2336242 be?

When you get done with this let me know.