If all Warner Bros. Looney Tunes were created in decades past, then they had to end somewhere. The question is, with all the good, innovative material that came out of these things that changed cartoons forever, why did they stop at all? Well, it's kind of like this....the innovation didn't last forever. In fact, by the late 60's it wasn't even there. Most of Warner's talent had left the studio--they didn't even have Chuck Jones anymore. The only good guy they had left was Robert McKimson, who ended up directing....THE FINAL LOONEY TUNES CARTOON.

So, who starred in this cartoon? It wasn't Bugs; it wasn't Daffy....it wasn't Prissy's child Egghead....it was Cool Cat, the last new Looney Tunes character created to star in his own shorts. No, "Cool Cat" wasn't really cool...he basically looks like Chester Cheetah after Dr. Evil sucked out his mojo.
There were only six Cool Cat cartoons ever made, and in the final three years of Warner's cartoon productions too. These are rarely ever seen, and the availability of this final cartoon is even worse. It's so not-shown, the only copy on VHS that is known to exist is the one a Looney Tunes site had, that for some reason had this annoying electronic ticker thing on it. We'll just take this ticker as the COUNTDOWN TO DOOM---the entire Looney Tunes business had only six minutes to live!

So, did they go out with a bang or a whimper? If it were by any other wannabe director working there at this time, it would have been a whimper cartoon, but not on McKimson's watch. This final cartoon had everything we remember and love -- nonstop puns, stupid people, ethnic stereotypes, vague innuendo, and more! Not many Looney Tunes things had the old formula anymore in 1969--they were mostly done for kids now, and ended up just being boring. Which is why I hate pretty much everything done in this period, except for the few McKimson shorts. I don't like William Lava's twangy "mod" soundtrack to these cartoons either. He is NO Carl Stalling and this hippie stuff, complete with screechy electric keyboards,  did not age well.

This final cartoon is called "Injun Trouble." Get it? Anyway, six minutes and counting down. Let's see what Cool Cat is trying to do to save Looney Tunes.
Cool Cat is driving a dune buggy across the desert. He looks in the rearview mirror and HOLY COW, he's being tailed by an angry Indian! What'd he do? It must have been something. Objects may be closer than they appear....
Indeed, they really don't want him there, and tell him so via smoke signals. I guess it was lucky the smoke resembled words that coincidentally resembled what they were trying to say. But....how did they know his name? And how did the SMOKE know his name? Eerie. Eerie, Indiana. (I would have said "Push Nevada," but I'll bet already nobody remembers that clunker and it was more doomed than Cool Cat anyway.)
Cool Cat decides to just hang around anyway, and annoy everyone. The first Indian he runs across is this guy who's painting pots. He puts a bucket over his head and shouts, "LOOK, ME PAIL FACE!!!" Bad-um-bum CHINGGG!!! Good one, dude! Five minutes to live.
In a move that was sure to improve relations, Cool Cat applauds an Indian talent. A guy is chasing him along a cliff when suddenly his horse slips and falls off, leaving him dangling on the edge by his fingers! Cool Cat comes over. "I NEED A HAND!!" the indian shouts. So CC applauds him and says, "That is truly a great stunt." More puns to come, but they kind of fit here. They would seem lame in a Daffy cartoon, but an unknown character can carry them pretty well.
Pun #3: In another attempt to make Cool Cat go away, a brave guarding a village promises to let CC have a young Indian woman if he won't go in. Really. The woman turns out to be fat and ugly however, a bad move on the brave's part....and Cool Cat shouts, "INDIAN GIVER!!"

After that (no shot but it's there), some other Indian greets CC with his palm open, and the word "Why." CC says, "I thought you guys wanted to know HOW." This causes the Indian to go into a Groucho Marx impression and say, "I know how, now I wanna know why!" Three minutes to doom.

After that guy, another one appears who hands the tiger his shirt before he gets on his horse, "so I can ride bareback." After THAT one(they gotta cram all the puns in while they still can), Cool Cat reaches the city of Hotfoot(It's a jumpin' town!) and spies horses playing a game of Human Shoes. THEN, he sees a building that says, "Topless Bar." Winking to the audience, he walks right in.... hey, didn't I tell you they were fighting to stay alive? What's in HERE oughta get some attention, right?

Inside the Topless Bar, Cool Cat finds...a surly, ugly bartender with no shirt. These western towns and their scams. Two minutes left.
Cool Cat decides, oh well, he'll find something to do. He sees a guy playing cards and decides to challenge him....for the title of MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!! Believe in the heart of the cards, Cool Cat! Beware the Shadow Realm! Gaaaak!! Oh, right, this isn't the 21st century yet.
Did I mention this guy's name is Cowpuncher Gower Gulch? I guess I should have. The game goes fine at first, but Cowpuncher's got a gun and is bored, so something was bound to go wrong. After losing, Cowpuncher punches the table in half and challenges Cool Cat to a duel. Thirty seconds to go! This is it! This is the final moment! Expect the best!
Cowpuncher has a gun, and Cool Cat has a pair of scizzors. The next move will SAVE LOONEY TUNES, or not. It's all up to you now. They stand in fighting position....and then Cool Cat uses his scizzors....

....to cut a hole in the background of the film and leave. I guess not even Cool Cat wanted to work here anymore. GET BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!! SAVE THE THEATRIC SHORT!!! NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!

There's no hope for the future now, but CC feels it fitting to leave us with a parting message. The final thing ever uttered by a Looney Tunes cartoon character.

"So cool it now, ya hear?"

Words to live by. That's all, folks. The End. This cartoon was released on September 20, 1969. Shortly after, Scooby Doo took over the cartoon universe and destroyed everything adults found appealing about it for several decades. Cool Cat, you b@$#@**.