Ever since Tail of the Super Dogs, I've found a lot more material that shouldn't be in Powells bins at all.

Like, for example, someone's cover letter:

Or a letter from WNET 13, a PBS affiliate, thanking two teachers for allowing them to film inside their classroom for a 1987 documentary on the human brain:

Or this certificate:

Or this: the first page of the teachers' edition of a mathematics workbook, that has the words "YES, I WILL" scribbled into it with magic marker:

You'll never know what that's about.

And hey -- ANOTHER class project has slipped through! This one contains the efforts of an entire classroom!

Any other website would have leapt at the chance to point out what Patrick said, but I don't work blue.

They weren't all about characters from TV or the movies...those were just the most interesting ones.

That's the whole story. Each story is one page long.

School's not out yet.....I also lifted an entire unopened package of Scholastic math handouts.

Two unopened packages, in fact. They didn't have this magazine when I was in elementary. Want to see how kids are learning now? (Actually, these are five years old, but they might as well be from yesterday to me.)

Click the pictures to enlarge them, and read the hysterical gaming satire:

That's all I can fit for now, but I already have half the material for a Part Seven, so it's not really the end. Until next time, whatever you do, boys and girls.....don't write articles with unsatisfying closing sentences.