THE INTERNET FOR CANADIANS FOR DUMMIES: This both amuses and startles me. Is there an alternate Canadian version for every "Dummies" book in print? I have no idea what it's doing in Oregon, or why Powell's stocked it in the first place (just to be thorough, I guess). And I REALLY don't know what the real difference in need is. I looked through the book and it seemed identical to the American version. I didn't see one "eh" or alternate spelling of "check" as "cheque." There's not even a section in French if that's what you're wondering. Maybe this is just a scam to make Canucks feel special.

BOOK X: I haven't taken a look inside this one yet. I guess I'm just too intimidated by the freaky, scary people on the front and their STARES OF DEATH. What are they up to? What do they want from me? There's no title or anything, just these zombies. After I took this picture, I burned this book. I heard it scream threats at me as it withered.

"Spirit Earns His Bandana" seems like an average picture book, until you read the fine print.

It's really a promotional item for the Qwest telephone company, whose slogan is "Spirit of Service." That's almost as sneaky as the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids and their TRC-500 Headset Walkie Talkies With Voice Activation. Fortunately, the tactic didn't work, because it's here and not on a Powell's shelf.

When you saw that first JPEG, you were probably wondering what this book was. It's the kind of book where, if you don't own a living room coffee table, you have to buy one anyway just to set this book on it.

You get the idea. It's stupid, and bizarre, and a total waste of two minutes. PERFECT for a coffee table.

New boxes from Powell's, overflowing with rejects, keep coming in all the time. This was only Volume ONE. I shall return with more, at a much speedier pace than I upload videos, so don't touch that browser button -- What Powell's Throws Out will be right back!