This kind of cover easily caught a lonely cartoonist's eyes, but despite being written by a dude, it turned out to be a teen women's novel. A women's novel about a pretty girl who gets whatever she wants because she is pretty. Not much action -- just this she-tool talking about how great she is. Seems like false advertising, except for the quote at the top I failed to notice.

1: Whenever you hear "It's like THING meets OTHER THING!"...what's being described is usually nothing like either thing.
2. "Spy Kids Meets Gossip Girl" is a compliment?
3. I'm willing to bet Ned Vizzini wasn't impressed with it and just threw together two comparisons.
4. Who is Ned Vizzini?

This was published in 2008, and it's in good condition. I bet I could sell it back to Powell's without their even realizing it.

I love how "getting caught in an earthquake" is listed in between "somebody wants to copy your homework" and "you don't know how to dance."

Just to silence any doubt, yes -- this is the book that Cameron Diaz's most recent movie, The Box, was based on. They had to do a few rewrites, though: