It's time for a trip DOWNSTAIRS!

They're just like us, right? Not really. Mexico did not have an organized quality theater chain until 1995. It was only then that their usually crummy financial market made it possible (and even then, it required a lot of interest from American investors). Cinemex has become Mexico's leading movie cineplex chain, and here are two of its policy trailers.


On the other hand, according to Cinepolis' website, IT is Mexico's leading movie cineplex chain. I smell a conflict coming on...

For a foreign effort, this is impressive. Cinepolis outbeats most everyone else as far as the art of the policy trailer is concerned. This space race would be a blast to go through on a 16-foot screen.


According to Yelmo's website (and translated by one of those free Internet programs)....actually, never mind, I have nothing.


Back to the USA...This one was used in the early 90's.

Never heard of Carmike Cinemas? Neither have I, but that's because Carmike is a theater franchise that concentrates itself in rural, suburban and out-of-the-way areas. Apparently, all of them: despite being obscure, it's the fourth-largest theater chain in the country. Only Regal, AMC and Cinemark eclipse it. This isn't the original music for this trailer; "lakes6" mentioned that new music was dubbed in, but he didn't say why.


Gee, this one looks familiar.

I can't put a year on this trailer, but I know it came AFTER Act III--Brenden Theaters didn't start growing until the late 90's. There are only six, in upper California and Nevada. If I were that small, I could just get a reel of the Regal Rollercoaster, add the General Cinemas jazz music and never get caught. Coincidence? You decide...


In Hawaii, the kanaka maoli enjoy this one:

It was captured with a little digital camcorder, so the quality isn't so good, but at least it's not one of the trailers that was kicked off before I wrote this.


The only Loews policy trailer available was this Sesame Street one, for some reason.

Loews bears the distinguisment of the longest-operating theatre chain in the country; meaning it lasted over a hundred years before another company gobbled it up. Founded all the way back in 1904 by Marcus Loew, it fed the growing blob that is AMC in 2006.


I don't have anything to say about the rest of these, so I'm just burning them off one by one:


...where's my thank-you for rescuing all this cool stuff?

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