AMC stands for "American Multi-Cinema." It's the second-largest theater chain in the USA and it pioneered the multiplex format, which just about every theater copied. It also invented the cupholder armrest, and stadium seating. Not all of AMC's ideas have been welcomed; some purists still prefer the one-theater-one-movie gigantic auditoriums, and some still haven't forgiven AMC for trying to sell them microwave popcorn one year.

AMC trailers were online before I began looking, but after I started wanting them, they disappeared. Luckily, a few of them briefly reappeared after Jamboree #1.

Despite the corporation's size, there has never been an AMC even remotely near where I live, and thusly I can't put these in any sort of chronological order. I can't go by appearance either, as they all look fairly recent to me.

They all have "Clip," AMC's mascot made of film scraps, except for the following:

Now this short one might possibly be older, especially since the music sounds cheesier, but I can't say for certain.

Here's a spot for one of those discount club-cards. I'm rarely ever interested in practicing the kind of brand loyalty that one of these memberships requires. Except in the case of Century Theatres, but they didn't offer this program.

The only AMC trailer I can fix a date on is this one. AFI's "100 Years, 100 Movies" was in 2000, therefore to tie into it, this one appeared around the same year.

Here are two methods AMC has used to tell you to shut up.

Well, I failed you this time. I don't know what a Hit System is. If it's not this, this or this, then I'm stumped.

This is just...freaky, and it doesn't make a midnight discount look appealing. As soon as this couple says "That wasn't so bad," a bunch of rude customers in weird costumes barge into the theater and start making incessant noise, and if that wasn't enough, THEN a large train bursts through the screen and runs them over, then takes them hostage. Forget that--I'll just pay the extra daytime bucks.

One last "Feature Presentation" with Clip.

Yes, there will be a third Jamboree someday soon, and it will showcase more policy trailers from General Cinemas, United Artists and a few more obscure businesses. Until then, the balcony is closed.

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