Despite sharing the same name as the United Artists movie company, the United Artists theater chain is legally unrelated.

The earliest UA policy trailer available started rolling in 1982 and remained in play clear until 1989, when UA changed their logo.

The music used in the trailer is "Ponderosa" by Craig Everett Palmer, and originally contained two banjo-heavy sections that were snipped out of the music by UA. If you listen closely you can hear the jumps in the track.

There were two of them released at once; the longer version played on the eastern side of the country and this shortened (though only by thirty seconds) version played on the western side. No clue why THAT was.

This separate "feature presentation" trailer ran after the previews.

In 1989 UA's logo was revised and this "tunnel" trailer was created.

This UA trailer appeared in 1993 (the Jurassic Park year, natch). Any trailer that ends with a guy from the audience being eaten by a dinosaur is a winner with me.

In 1995 UA adopted the slogan "The Future of Entertainment" and created a trailer that guides the viewer through a futuristic multiplex.

A few more UA trailers can be seen here.

United Artists, like seemingly everything else, went bankrupt around the year 2000 and was eaten by Regal Entertainment Group. The UA brand is still active, but only as a small logo amongst several others beneath the REG logo.


Here's my old friend Century with two more trailers. The first one is kind of a transition between their small Syufy days and their days of conglomeracy; it uses the same music as the old Syufy trailer but introduces the Century brand name. It's from 1992.

The second is that trailer from part one that was locked on YouTube and I couldn't get to.

Rest in peace, Century. If only your dance moves weren't so smooth, Front Row Joe, I'd bust a cap in your rear.


Hoyts is an Australian theater chain. This is a policy trailer of theirs from 1988.


A more recent Cinemex trailer has surfaced, and it's a puzzler. I'm not sure what that thing is supposed to be...an electrical surge? A bump on the floor? Bugs Bunny in tunneling mode? The bad transfer quality doesn't make it any better.

I promised some trailers from General Cinemas last time, correct? Sorry 'bout that, I'm out of room. Maybe next time.

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