The fact is, the arcade is dead. Why would it live any longer? There is nothing now that can't be exactly duplicated by a PS2 or Gamecube. What kept the arcades alive was the fact that the stuff there was always ten times greater and grander than the clunky device that hooked up to your TV and gave you watered-down simulations. It's not so anymore. that the video arcade is no more, it's time to compile everything we know about it into one grand museum experience! Thus we begin the BIG FAT HISTORY OF THE ARCADE!!(Part one: The Phantom Menace)
Let's start at the beginning. This is Pong.
Moving on...
Now we're in 1980 and Pac-Man. Pac-Man was about this dot that had to clear the screen of smaller dots by eating them while being chased by four named ghosts--Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Or, of you want to be true to the original, Akabei, Pinky, Aosuke and Guzuta! Don't they just roll off the tongue? Also if you want to be correct, Pac-Man was originally Puck-Man. When he was brought to America the name was changed at the last minute because somebody suddenly realized that every Puck-Man machine in every arcade parlor in every city in every state in the nation
would be vandalized by somebody who thought it was funny to alter the "P" into an "F". A wise decision...we all know it would have happened.
Pac-Man spawned(yes, it spawned) many sequels and follow-ups, including-but not limited to-Super Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Ms. Pac Man, Pac-Mania, the "cutey hearty" version of the original and the
bootleg hacked
edition unauthorized
by Namco that re-
named all the ghosts.

Pac-Man had his
own set of merchan-
dise, his own TV
series and his own
underwear....and Namco still makes money off
him year after year. Despite all the Pac-Nutness,
none of this changes the fact that Pac-Man is still a boring and
repetitive game.
More history coming up!