Which is probably why I'd make an extravagant purchase like this one....

No, it's not a box scan I stole from another site -- it's the Chrono Trigger I bought last Christmas from the same weird game store that sold me Donkey Kong Country 3 in 2002. And it actually looked as mint as the day it was produced -- it was even shrinkwrapped and all. I asked if this was really an unopened Chrono Trigger box. The guy didn't know, but I bought it anyway.

Then I was faced with the temptation of opening it. I thought nothing could top the DKC3 find, but this sure did. The only problem was, it could have been a used CT that was just rewrapped with a machine, and I would never know. I had to open this, but if it turned out to BE new, I'd have made a big mistake.
I opened it. It turned out it wasn't new -- phew. Now I don't have to go the rest of my life thinking it is. But the fact that the box could fool me into thinking it was an unopened copy shows how perfectly preserved it is. I've seen Chrono Trigger boxes before and this is as close as they get to untouched.

If you're done staring at that neat box, I've got more. I heard once of a Chrono Trigger anime. I'm not talking about the one on the CT PS1 disc where Frog splits a mountain in half and Ayla flies on pterodactyls and then they all get married. I'm talking about a Chrono Trigger anime that was produced shortly after the release of the original game.
Any CT fan would go looking for this. So I Googled "Chrono Trigger Anime OVA" and after ten minutes I knew all I would ever want to know. And nine of those minutes were spent waiting for the page to load.
The Chrono Trigger anime is even too short to be an OVA(a video). It's sixteen minutes long. It does not feature Crono or any of his friends, and I've now got pictures. I wish I could be in the room with you right now so I could see the look on your face when you see this.

It's about the adventures of a Nu and a Poyozo Doll at the Millennial Fair. They even did THAT wrong -- what made that Nu so hyper? Every Nu I saw in the game was rare, mysterious, and fat and lazy. And he's doing the hula?
Everyone who saw it said it was one of the worst Japanese cartoons they'd ever seen. Many got it off Kazaa, and the bonus viruses they recieved were probably better.

And this is a screengrab from the site of the Japanese TV station that runs the Pokemon cartoon. Now apparently they run an extra Pokemon cartoon, that's basically a endless clip show, with occasional new material that's even duller, like say 30 minutes of Tracy scratching a Pokemon's belly. The only bright spot is that it's hosted by Brock, who's wearing a lime-green tuxedo topped off with a gargantuan pink bow tie the size of his face. And it glitters. This picture will be on my hard drive forever.
This has nothing to do with the story, I just thought it was interesting.

It's not over yet...