It's-a me, me-a-Moto!
Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most important and influential video game designers of our time. He's also one of the weirdest. His brilliant innovations are copied by other developers all over the world, but he chooses to make the originals about things like plumbers battling turtles on fungus platforms.

He also has a tail. A small one, though.

Peter Garcia -- Miyamoto fan, site reader and friend -- has been experimenting with anagrams--a word game where you take the letters of any name or sentence and rearrange them to spell other words. We here at Platypus Comix found the results veeeeeeery interesting. Here are some of the things "Shigeru Miyamoto" can be rearranged to say.....
I'm a huge morosity.

I am this guy Romeo.

I am the grim you, so.

O My! I am this rogue.

Out! I'm gay heroism.

I am your hogs item.

Oi! to yummier shag.

O My! I'm his outrage.

I'm your hot images.

Oh My! I'm a suit goer.

I'm a grim toy house.

Hooray! I'm smug tie.

And finally....
So hog a yummier it.
There were a couple I didn't put in because they were too X-rated. You heard me....