Platypus Comix Covers the Hard you don't have to

Here's an interesting screen not normally seen and if you HAVE seen it, you have my sympathy. Awhile back, before my cousin broke his N64 controller, I let him borrow some of my games which I didn't play that much anymore. I gave him Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time(the latter because I now had the Gamecube version). I also hadn't touched Donkey Kong 64 in a long while, but I couldn't let him have that. I can't let anybody touch this one. No, not after I finally managed to achieve a perfect score with everything on that one file. In Donkey Kong 64, this is an incredibly annoying task that few would ever bother to attempt. To do so means winning EVERY banana in the game, including both sessions of Beaver Bother and the slide race. As well as knowing about the glitch in the last level that makes it impossible to collect everything, and bypassing it. DK64 is the worst DK of them all, and I played it for 73 1/2 hours.

So, you know what you get for making 101% in DK64? An extra 3-minute cinema at the end that shows the characters in the game auditioning(under Cranky's authority) for a planned Donkey Kong game for Gamecube that was not bongos-related. They may be setting themselves up for disappointment, but you know what? It's a shame almost no one will see this. It's hilarious. If there was anything good about DK64, it was the humor. That game had the DK universe performing its funniest act ever.

So guess what? Now you don't have to play through DK64, because I taped the special ending and transferred it to a .wmv video. Hah--howdya like THAT, Rare?

See the DK64 special audition scene! 4MB
OR, continue on to see Surfin' Pikachu...