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From: LikeWhoa2000  Posted: 10/16/2000 6:59:41 PM
This board is just "How do you beat the running man," and "How do you unfreeze Zora's domain," and I'm cool with that, but something I haven't seen for awhile are the never ending stories. For you new people, never ending stories are stories with no end, like I start it, and you continue. Yeah, now I'll start.

Link had finally beaten Ganon, and he was at peace with no Navi. But, then Ganon came behind him, but Link just threw a rock at Ganon and he got a nosebleed. Then Link heard the familiar "HEY! LOOK! LISTEN! HEY!!!!" in the distance. It was, as you already guessed, Navi.
"What are you doing here?" said Link, but he didn't care. He shot Navi with an arrow, and she flew back and hit the sun. She came back down, on fire, and burnt Link to a crisp, and it made Link ask "Do you want to be partners again?" of course, Navi said............

From: PerfectGREG
HEY LOOK LISTEN...why dont we be friends I mean we both live in hyrul lets go to termina I know a short cut through the frozen ice in zoras domain do you have a GS we can cheat to get under......
well we arrived in termina but......a crapppy moon is coming strait tord us I heard gannon took over it and is...........

From: Magemaster
going to take its rotten cheese and throw its foul smell at everybody

From: LikeWhoa2000
But the moon crashed into the Earth, and the cheese went everywhere. Link caught some, ate it, and it's rotten-ish crap about it turned Link into a...................

From: Darknessillusion
CBS News anchor. He then went on to report about how the Moon's impact affected the stock market, until the mask man turned this form into the almighty Tom Brokaw mask. The mask maker also gave him the most powerful mask of all, The mask of...

From: Silver Wolf 9000
the mask of the never ending barbara walters link then started anchoring 20/20 but he soon found out that gannon had turned into john stossel with the lame give me a break so link said screw this
and took off the mask and stabbed gannon a bizillion times then suddenly.............

From: Rachel the Goron
....Link found a new mask, an Al Gore mask. He put it on, and found himself repeatedly saying,
"I....invented...the....internet." Link tried to take off the Al Gore mask, but it wouldn't come off! In an
act of desperation, he asked for the help of........

From: Impossible
Navi. But Navi was really ganon in disguise but the costume was so small on ganon that Link was
about to realize it was him when he said "I.....invented....the.....internet." He was about to notice that it
was Ganon not Navi when...

From: LikeWhoa2000
said 'invented' the 47.8392nd time. He realized it, then pull his face off, and put the Triforce mask on.
He turned into the Triforce, Ganon got him, and Ganon had all the power in the world. Link, now in Ganondorf's hand, did the stupidest thing. He...........

From: LinkRules
barfed on himself, and the Triforce lost all its power. Ganon got so mad, he...

From: Silver Wolf 9000
started running around in circles link toook off the mask and put on the mask of silver wolf 9000
he realized this was the best mask in the world and would not take it off but i came along and took
it back then he said oh well and teleported to termina looking for the farm girl the one who was
older he said hey wanna go out then she said.........

No you fat pig!

From: LikeWhoa 2000
"FAT PIG!!!" Link was so mad he put on his Navi mask and said "HEY! LOOK! LISTEN! HEY!!!"
so much that..........

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