Zelda novel continued!

From: Rachel the Goron
...people actually thought he was Navi. Mido took a flyswatter and squished Navi-Link, leaving him dead on the spot. Ruto went to DBZ Land and wished her fiancee back with the dragon balls, then came back to Hyrule, only to find Link.....

From: Impossible
With Navi, who after about an hour had finally come saying "Grr, that stupid Ganon, gave me the wrong directions... Hey! did you--I CAN'T STAND IT! I shouldn't have said hey---HEY! LOOK! LISTEN! Umm, where's the Al Gore mask?" Then Ruto yelled in Link's ear, "HOW COULD YOU HAVE STAYED WITH THAT STUPID LITTLE BUG!!!!!!!!!!" "HEY! LOOK LISTEN! That's right girl LISTEN! I am not a bug I am a FAIRY!" Then Ruto yells back, "Well, I HATE people that think the running man can be beaten!! Whether or not they're a fairy or named Ben!!" The 2 get into a fight so Link and Ganon (coming to say sorry for the bad directions).....

From: PerfectGREG
...both go to funcoland to play a copy of Majora's Mask for the N64. Ganon loves the game so much link doesnt get to play. Link is soooooo mad he whips out a deku stick and shoves it up gannon's poop hole he smashes the display case and runs out of funcoland to find out that...

From: LinkLover 32

From: LikeWhoa2000
Then Link finds a mask on the ground, the LikeWhoa! mask. Link puts it on, and LikeWhoa has enough power for waves of darkness. Link, or LikeWhoa now, blasts navi away. Good.

From: Turok Frag Hunter
.....Link finds a Turok mask. He puts it on and has every cool gun ever made. He goes back to Funcoland and blows Ganon a new orifice. Then, he gets bitten by a zombie from Resident Evil and turns into Zombie Link, the Mighty Undead Turok. Then, Piccolo comes from DBZ Land and beats Link's head off. Then Vegeta comes and fights Piccolo. They end up tearing a hole in the fabric of space and time, then Marty McFly comes through and runs them all down with the DeLorean. Then Link wakes up in his little Kokiri treehouse, and goes "WTF??????!?!?!??"
That's all the nonsense I can sputter for now.

From: Silver Wolf 9000
link then looks up and sees the dragon warrior monsters mask and turns into terry he then has command of darkdium and rain hawk and goldslime but they revolt and leave then link is transported to shukshan middle school where he is ambushed by preps luckily the rebels come and take out the preps (just so ya know my school is shukshan and im one of the rebels) they then transform Link into..........

From: dirtycup
a toilet. Link's new form is excellent! He flushes his enemies down the toilet, into the temple of Stinkie. but Zelda approaches yelling, "I have to go to the bathroom!" What will link do?

From: Saria the sage
He yelled "Hey Zelda look over there!" she turned and Link jumped out the window and smashed all over. Dr. Green! "STAT!" yelled Dr. Green and tried to IV Link but he was all over the place. "What will we do?" cried Nurse Hathoway when........

From: LikeWhoa2000
Ganon came along. Hey, if Ganondorf can be Ganon, why can't Link be Li? Well, Link turned into Li, and Ganon and Li had a big ol' swordfight. The nurse said, "I put my bets on the boy," but another man said, "No way! The other one is much bigger!" Li was doing fine, but then Navi
came along..........

From: LikeWhoa 2000 (later in the day)
and yelled. I distracted Ganon, and Link cut his head off. The nurse got a lot of money, and bought a..........

From: Impossible
...convertible, which Link asked for so he could beat the running man. But when she refused, Link...

From: Rachel the Goron
...shot her down with an Ice Arrow. She froze to death, and everyone started partying and dancing around the rainbow fire in Lon Lon Ranch. Then, some weird guy came up to Link and said, "I am Bagu. Take my letter to river man." Link just turned around and said, "What the..? What river man? There is no river man!" He replied with just, "I am Bagu. Take my letter to river man." Link ran around screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! He's more annoying than Navi!!" And speak of the devil, Vegeta came back from DBZ Land and said, "I believe this belongs to you!" He released Navi.
"Kakarot pitied it and wished it back with the dragon balls, and I'm sick of it following me around!!" Vegeta left, and Navi flew over to Link and repeatedly said, "HEY! LOOK! LISTEN!" while Bagu was still saying, "I am Bagu. Take my letter to river man." And then Squall came from FF8 Land and said "........." over and over again. Link was freaking out enough as it is when the dog from Duck Hunt came and started laughing at him. Link then had a nervous breakdown, and Saria and Zelda had to take him to the Hyrule Mental Hospital. While Link was in his padded room...

(sorry, I was really bored)

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