What do ya do when there's nothin' on TV?
Well, you turn that channel straight to the WB!

......Wait, is that good or bad?

1995-96 SEASON

Summer Teaser with Mary Hartless
Local Summer Teaser with New Animaniacs Footage
The First Minute
Rare Earthworm Jim ad with animation from the unreleased pilot!
Bumpers #1
Schedules: Road Map
Animaniacs: First day promo for new episode
Opener for September 24, 1995
That's Warner Bros.
That's Warner Bros #2
That's Warner Bros. + Animaniacs
Freakazoid and Friends
Freakazoid: Three Against Freak
Earthworm Jim: A Worm You Can Depend On
Earthworm Jim: Really Good Suit
Pinky and the Brain: "World Domination and Cheese"
Pinky and the Brain: Taking Over Kids WB
Pinky and the Brain Prime-Time Premiere Promo
Freakazoid: "Nothing Will Stand In My Way!"
Freaky Halloween
Crazy Careers: Traffic Chopper Girl (the affiliate cut this off, not me)
Crazy Careers: Tortilla Chip Maker
Crazy Careers: Creator of False Teeth
Crazy Careers: Rollercoaster
Crazy Careers: TV Station Producer
Pinky and the Brain: People Love Them
Animaniacs: Change is Good
The WB New Years Eve Bash
Freakazoid: Montage
Freakazoid: The Superhero With the Power to Humiliate
Animaniacs: Monday through Friday (Wayans Bros)
That's Warner Bros: Professional Courtesy
Brain Drain: Of Mice and Men
Brain Drain: Original Warner Brothers
Earthworm Jim: "We're #1"
Kids WB Song (Despite the presence of Superman, this first came out in Season 1)

1996-97 SEASON

Four words that would live in infamy: BIG KIDS GO FIRST
Put a Brain in the White House
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries: Granny
Superman: Superman's Story
Superman: What They Fear
Superman: Lois Lane
Superman: Super Sweepstakes
Animaniacs: All-Points Bulletin
Animaniacs: Ode to an Anvil
Bugs 'n Daffy: Party Animals
Bugs 'n Daffy: "Some Important Woids"
Freakazoid: Freakazoid and Cosgrove
Pinky and the Brain: Behold the Brain (NOTE: Pinky says a different line than what he said in the episode the clip comes from. He asks for "five minutes of the Macarena" in the finished show.)
Pinky and the Brain: A Tale of Two Mice
Crazy Careers: Mars Rover Designer
Road Rovers: Ready to Roll
Road Rovers: Ready to Roll #2
Waynehead: You Gotta Be Bad
Waynehead: Shoot Off Your Mouth
Washingtoons Day
Pinky and the Brain -- Pinky taped to TV #1
Closing Song

1997-98 SEASON

1997 Opener
Pinky and the Brain -- Pinky taped to TV #2
Animaniacs -- Half-a-minute Waltz
Pinky and the Brain -- Brain's Pledge
Pinky and the Brain -- Brain's Speech
Pinky and the Brain -- Two Mice Are Better Than One
Pinky and the Brain -- If Pinky Ruled the World
"Heavy Duty Dubbas"
"Heavy Duty Dubbas" with mention of "Invasion America"
Calamity Jane
Captain Planet -- "chicken song"
Captain Planet -- Leaner Greener Kids WB
Captain Planet -- "Camptown Races"
Kids WB -- Big, Shiny and Brand-New
MiB in Four Weeks
MiB in Four Weeks #2
MiB in Three Weeks
Batman/Superman -- Six Days A Week
Batman/Superman -- Men in Capes
Batman/Superman -- Harley and Ivy
Kids WB -- New Weekend
Appear in a Kids WB spot with Superman
Halloween Maskaraid
Halloween Maskaraid #2
Tiny Toons -- What Toons Will Do
Tiny Toons -- Plucky and Shirley
Tiny Toons and Captain Planet -- Toxic Revenger
Kids WB: "Alien Attack"
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Tweet Temptation
"Turkey Day Takedown"
Christmas 1997
Pinky and the Brain -- Alarm Clock
Batman-Superman -- "Day Jobs"
Channel Umptee-3 -- "I am not a chicken!"
Channel Umptee-3 -- Channel Surfers
Breakfast Dubba Clubba Cereal with Elmyra
Breakfast Dubba Clubba -- Daddy-O
Summer Heat

1998-99 SEASON

1998 Opener
Kids WB -- New 1998 Lineup
2riffic 2oons Weekend
The Ol' Schedule Blimp
Animaniacs -- Y to K Bug
MiB -- Royal Kirilian Cruise Lines
Brats of the Lost Nebula
Superman vs. Batman -- "Who Kicks More Booty?"
Batman/Superman -- Villainous Hand Gestures
Batman/Superman -- Dubbatone News
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain -- Promo #1
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain -- Promo #2
MiB -- Jay replaced by Bulbasaur
Batman/Superman -- Heavy Hitters
Batman/Superman -- Robin learns to drive
Batman Beyond -- Busy Day
Pokemon -- Poke-Fever
Tiny Toons and Histeria #1
Tiny Toons and Histeria #2
Batman Beyond and Men in Black
Big Cartoonie Show -- Daffy Duck
Pinky and the Brain -- Cartoon Secrets Revealed
Histeria -- with Lex Luthor
Animaniacs -- Someone's watching Wakko
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Incurable
Batman/Superman -- "World's Finest" promo (not the original airing)
The Ultimate Animaniacs Super-Special (repeat)
Pokemon -- Charmeleon vs. The Brain
Pokemon Premiere Party #1
Pokemon Premiere Party #2
Pokemon Premiere Party #3
Batman/Superman -- "Rookie Superhero Blunders"
Histeria -- Siren
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Chasing Da Bird
"Naked Day with Barenaked Ladies" (Note: they changed the name of this promotion midway through the week to "BNL Day" due to complaints. This is, fortunately, the original ad)
Happy Mother's Day
Batman/Superman -- How Super is Superman?
Pinky and the Brain -- Brain Seeks New Partner
Histeria -- Americana Week
Histeria -- Winter Blahs
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- How To Avoid Backstrain
Big Cartoonie Show -- Wakko Says A Mouthful
Big Cartoonie Show -- Yakko and Wakko on Sharon Stone
Big Cartoonie Show -- Who Wants To Be A Milooneyaire

1999-2000 SEASON

1999 Opener
Kids WB Yourself
Season Premiere Weekend Promo
Batman Beyond -- On Weekdays
Batman Beyond -- New Season Promo
Batman Beyond -- New Season Promo #2
Detention -- Premiere
Detention -- Premiere #2
Big Cartoonie Show -- "How Big Can Big Get?"
Batman/Superman -- Batman vs. Golbat
Histeria -- "Smile"
Mid-day Saturday Schedule
Snow Jam with Lou Bega 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Batman Beyond -- "I love it when they do that!"
Super Spooky Afternoons
"Batman Schmatman"
Christmas 1999 -- 3 Pokemon + Pinky and the Brain
Christmas 1999 -- "We Flush You A Merry Christmas"
More from Christmas 1999
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- "At least he's consistent"
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Cooking Tip
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Chase is Half the Fun
Histeria -- Spot the Mistake
Detention Pre-emption
Big Cartoonie Show -- Rose-Colored Glasses
Batman/Superman -- Villain Tryouts
Batman/Superman -- Sidekick Tryouts
Pokemon: Bumpers
Detention: Bad Mamma-Jamma
Batman Beyond: Comparing Bad Guys
Kids WB Super Slammin' Tunestakes
Histeria: Hersteria
Kids WB: Afternoons
Detention: Escaping (this is a MUST see)
"Someone is leaving Pokemon!"
Batman/Superman: "Who's faster"
Batman Beyond: If Terry Wasn't Batman
Detention: Emmitt's Phone Call
Histeria: Greatest Ideas in History
Animaniacs Week
Pokemon: Cliffhanger Week
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries -- Cat Rules
Batman/Superman -- Bad Boys of Metropolis
Detention: Harsh
Batman Beyond: "Got Ya"
Pokemon vs. Histeria
Histeria -- "Smile"
Batman/Superman -- Advice When Visiting Metropolis and Gotham
Kids WB: "Going Turbo!"
Kids WB: Spring has Sprung

2000-01 SEASON

MiB -- Expect the Unexpected
MiB -- Swing Into Action
MiB -- Granny
Batman Beyond -- Max Week
All-New Super Saturday
Another All-New Weekend
Batman Beyond -- Villains Who Just Won't Go Away
Batman Beyond -- Villains Who Just Won't Go Away II
Pokemon -- 2 new episodes
X-Men Evolution -- Premiere of Juggernaut
Cardcaptors -- New Time
Pokemon -- "Hi, Oak"
MiB -- Invasion of the Tiny Aliens Week
Batman Beyond -- "Things Get Ugly"
Jackie Chan Adventures -- "ANGRY CROW TAKES FLIGHT!!"
Several shows -- "So you wanna be a superhero?"
X-Men Evolution -- "The Cauldron"
Batman Beyond -- seizure-inducing montage

2001-02 SEASON
Halloween Screamathon

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