Tom Cruise had stolen the worlds medication, causing people to have panic attacks in the streets. the neuro-typicals ran for the hills thinking everyone had become zombies!! tom cruise then landed his spaceship in the center of of the city then jumped out of an opening on the top with his fellow scientologists.

TOM CRUISE- you people and your dependencies!! now you will have to learn to live without medication!! you will have to actually deal with your problems!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

the scientologists laughed as well then started passing out panflets. just then BORDERLINE-PRINCESS swooped down into the city!!!

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS-release the meds tom!! or you'll be cruisin for a bruisin!!

TOM CRUISE- you cannot stop me boderline princess!!!

tom cruise then shot a red beam of light from his sunglasses that covered borderline making her feel alone, abandoned and unwanted. she fell to the ground crying and started snapping rubberbands to her wrist.

TOM CRUISE-HAHAHA i win this round borderline!!

Tom cruise then jumped into his spacship and flew away.

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS-....NO...you ..won't get away ..w..with this!!

People in need of their meds were having panic attacks and seizures. Tom cruise watched all of this from a moniter in his spaceship which now was hovering above the city.

TOM CRUISE- now, everyone will have to learn to deal with their issues without the crutch of medication and then they can become scientologists. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS found comfort from the blasts by cruise from thoughts of her best friend who had told her how much she meant to her the night before. This was enough to recharge her battery and borderline princess sprung into action. she flew up to tom cruise's spaceship.

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS-its payback time!!!

Tom cruise was in his ship jumping up and down on a couch when borderline princess crashed through the walls!!!

TOM CRUISE- borderline!! you won't stop me!! it's too late the meds are in a net being lowered into that pit of lava over there!! hahahha!!

Indeed they were, boderline saw this and ran for the net, but tom cruise ordered his scientologists to attack. they fired books about aliens at her knocking her to the ground. boderline got up and now used her anger to shoot heat rays out of her eyes at the scientologists who burst into dust!!
borderline then went for the net filled with meds and caught them just before they fell into the lava!!

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS-phew!!! close one!! now to return these to the needy people below!!

just then tom cruise snuck up behind her and used his alien powers to take the shape of her father.

TOM CRUISE-borderline, when are you gona do somthing with your life??

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS-dad??...wait, what are you doing here no!!! ..leave me alone!!!

TOM CRUISE- boderline i am sick of your mother cheating on me so i am going to take it out on you now!!! you are a failure!! you never did well in school and you have no skills and no future!!!


Tom cruise had not anticipated this, but borderlines cry of anger and frustraiton caused her to literally explode with such force that the entire ship started to come apart!! peices of the ceiling started falling down as the ship was rattling out of control. borderline then reformed as the energy from her emotion twirled into the shape of her body and she was whole again.


BORDERLINE-PRINCESS then charged tom cruise whom she thought was her father and blasted him with another heat ray from her eyes caused by her anger. tom cruise fell to the floor releasing the alien disguise.

BODERLINE-PRINCESS-tom cruise?!? that was a dirty trick!!

she began to beat him, then lifted him up and wrapped one of her rubber bands around him and sling-shot him into outer space!!! boderline then grabbed the meds.

BORDERLINE-PRINCESS- this ship is gonna blow!!!

she flew out of the ship just as it exploded. then flew down over the city showering it with peoples meds causing all of the panic and seizures to cease. once again the day had been saved by BODERLINE PRINCESS!!!!!