The first Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain cartoon, it establishes Brain's "Patty Ann" suit as well as Rudy's crush on "her." There is a hip and current "Titanic" reference in the beginning where Elmyra flushes P&TB down the toilet in a miniature cruise ship while shouting "WATCH OUT FOR THAT ICEBERG, KATE WINSLOW AND LEONARDO DICAPRICORN!!"
Brain's latest scheme is to clone dinosaurs from fossilized amber mosquitos. To get the money, he'll have to somehow get Elmyra to win a spelling bee, but the only way to make THAT a reality is to help her cheat.

Unfortunately, the cheating is discovered by the bee's celebrity judge, Baloney, who chases P&TB into a cafeteria and immediately spoofs the Raptor scene from Jurassic Park. Yes, Baloney showed up in every single Ruegger/Hastings/Dini production, until the bitter end. The JP spoof was great, though, and this is one of their better cartoons of the series.

Brain builds an intergalactic communication device and contacts a traveling alien, whom he hopes to swap items with--and hopefully obtain an otherworldly item that will help him take over the world. Before the trade can be made, however, the alien is driven away by Elmyra's annoyingness.

Brain develops a plot similar to the spelling bee cartoon, only this time he wants the prize money from a science fair. He builds a spectacular high-tech device for Elmyra to show off, but Rudy decides to get a cheap laugh and punches it to bits right before it can be judged by "Bob Quack the Science Hack."

"Yule Be Sorry," the series' Christmas-themed cartoon, may tie with the Histeria "Convert or Die" segment as THE rarest Kids WB animation. It was only shown once, shortly before the series was taken off the air, and never recycled into the "Big Cartoonie Show" because holiday-themed shorts were not used.
Rarity doesn't always mean something is good, though. Brain yells at Pinky that he would be a lot better off if Pinky were to just leave and never come back. This leads to a dream sequence where Brain is back in the lab, but Pinky has disappeared. Elmyra is there, however, torturing Brain nonstop....not only is Brain lonely, but he realizes without Pinky to distract Elmyra, he would get her full attention! Brain wakes up, apologizes to Pinky and says "If I ever take over the world, but lose you as a friend...I will have gained nothing."
This is a pale imitation of the much, much better Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special (which was written by Peter Hastings, and if he ever saw this, I doubt he was happy about it). The Christmas Special won an Emmy, and that Emmy was well-deserved. It has a bittersweet ending that WILL make you cry, unlike most other cheap sentimentalities that are stuffed into December episodes. "Yule Be Sorry" is among them, and I hope I remain the only one with a copy of this thing.

Wow, the production values on this one must have gone into the millions. It's drawn by ELMYRA! Brain's plan is to build a giant robot that will fly to France, and shoot out laser beams that turn all their cheese into stupid American tourists! .....Okay, maybe it's a good thing this show was buried.

Imagine the schemes Brain could make a reality if he somehow launched himself into SPACE! ....Actually, he did it in the first series, but maybe he forgot. Now he has to get there through Elmyra, who's entered a contest to become the first child aboard the shuttle. He teaches her to recite endless space facts, such as "URANUS IS GASEOUS!" Kids WB, naturally, couldn't resist putting the clip of Brain saying this in several of the show's promo ads. Tee hee, "uranus"!

This cartoon was written by the superfunny Doug Langdale, who directed the whole "Earthworm Jim" series as well as Disney's "Dave the Barbarian." I'll excuse the stuff he wrote here.

P&TB come up with a formula that makes Elmyra's cat think he is a dog. This will help them take over the world just will, okay? Instead of a shot of the actual cartoon, I included something from the classic "Crash Bandicoot Warped" ad that ran right before it. Trust me, this is much more interesting.

You'd think Brain would learn not to keep trying to fix what can't be un-broken, but this time he tries to make Elmyra popular so that they can work through her fame to take over the world. This includes a horrifying scene where Pinky and The Brain are dressed as the Hanson brothers.

A waste of celluloid where Brain tells Elmyra a bedtime story with her in the Cinderella position. Ren and Stimpy only did this kind of cartoon because Nick forced them to. And this doesn't have the "WHAT....EEZ IT, MAN!!" line to save it.

Brain's takeover scheme this time is another stretch--he organizes the neighborhood kids into a club and leads their revolt against the crazy old guy who keeps posting signs everywhere telling them not to do anything. Then, when they grow up, they will still look toward Brain as a leader and he will TAKE OVER THE WORLD, KINDA!! The crazy old man's crazy old rants are the best part of this one. "AN' NO READIN' THE SIGNS!! THEY USED TO BE FER READIN' BUT THEN SOME KIDS READED IT AND RUINED IT FOR EVER'BODY!!"

THE MAN FROM W.A.S.H.I.N.G.T.O.N: Wally Faust makes his debut, accompanied everywhere by a dramatic and evil chorus of Latin singers (who aren't singing in Latin, but using words like "Lactose," "Gingivitis" and "Gluteus Maximus." Hey, it made ME laugh). Why didn't I make screencaps of this one? Oh well, too late to go back now. He tries to swipe Brain's latest invention and then kill Brain, but succeeds at neither.

When the populace starts whispering about the new masked crimefighter in town, they'll surely adore, fear and worship him: BRAINO!! If they can stop themselves from laughing, that is. Wow, these plots used to make some form of sense....

Elmyra enters for class president, but the dimwatt doesn't stand a chance against the more obvious choices. This cartoon introduces Vanity White.

Elmyra takes a trip to a Disney-ish theme park, and Brain makes plans to switch the looping song recording at the "Small World" ride with a hypnotic message. This fails because he grabbed the wrong tape and Baloney's Greatest Hits comes out instead. "It's a yum-yum- doodle-dum daaaay!"
Pinky has dreams of living in a house with a traditional nuclear family--so Elmyra dresses him and The Brain in the roles of husband and wife and sticks them in a dollhouse.

Rudy casually swipes Brain's latest diabolical invention, which he needs to take over the world. To get it back, Brain and Pinky will have to get past Rudy's snake! This one also included a "Patty Ann" song ripping on "Pepper Ann"'s theme--a swipe at Hastings, maybe?
Wait a minute.....Alex Borstein?


It' of those slightly altered "Raven" readings that mindless cartoons sometimes do to appear cultured--what more do you need to know? There is one portion that reveals what happened to Acme Labs. It became a Disney Store. Yowch, Brain!

This was another cartoon that rose above the normally-hideous state of this show. Brain and Pinky get their own educational kids' TV series, taking advantage of a network desperate to fill the new American "3 hours of edutainment" requirement with anything. One priceless line: "This is Jason Tyler Hoovey, star of Nobody Likes Hoovey, and you're watching kids' TV! Snort! Cool, huh?"

Another shot at One Saturday Morning is taken when Pinky appears as "Pinky the Unstinky," parodying Hastings' "Manny the Uncanny." Their show is taken off the air when it suddenly gets high ratings. The network exec explains that "it turns out shows people actually WATCH cannot legally qualify as educational!" Another great line.

The only full-length PE&B cartoon, but the plot is dire--Brain's body is fused with Elmyra's! If Brain can't reverse the transformation with the device he built, they will remain that way forever! His only hope is Pinky, who unfortunately is spending most of the cartoon chasing a pig.

Brain creates a black hole in Elmyra's room, hoping to exploit that theory that black holes transport you to other universes or send you back in time (Stephen Hawking recently argued against this, but what does he know). Elmyra botches this plan too, but the solar system isn't sucked down the hole because it can't end now--they still have three more cartoons to make!
Hooray for meat! They all go to a Meat Festival! Brain tries to take over the world with MEEEATS OF EEEVIL! I'm getting tired of typing about these!

"Meat! It's the Freshmaker!" --Pinky

Well, this is the one with Rockin' Johnny Hot, so I guess I can type a little longer. Elmyra wants to go to the Hop with Rudy, Rudy wants to go with Patty Ann, and "Patty Ann" has developed a new fragrance that makes the person you apply it on magnetically irresistible. It ends up getting splashed on Rockin' Johnny instead, the one man why didn't NEED the perfume to be hip.

Last one. Vanity throws a party, and invites Rudy but not Elmyra. Elmyra shows up anyway thinking Vanity just forgot, and chaos ensues. Brain is Patty Ann in this one as well....actually, it doesn't have much to make it different from At The Hop, and they're by the same writer. I don't know why only 13 episodes were made and they couldn't avoid repeating plots.