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From: Rabid Banana | Posted: 2/21/2004
Robin: Oh my god, you're... you're.......

Slade: Who the **** did you think I was?!

From: tairu warrior 21
Robin: Oh my god, you're... you're THE MAGIC WORM!
Magic Worm: Im in you, im on you, im all about you.

From: v faction

From: GIRR
(Robin is about to unmask slade)
CLARK KENT!*robin pulls off clark mask*
BRUCE WAYNE!*pulls off bruce mask*
TED TURNER*pulls off ted mask*
"and I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and that changling!"

From: Grimlock64
*Unmasks Slade* Holy crap, its... wait, who are you?
Bumblebee from Transformers:I'm Bumblebee, dammit! BUMBLEBEE! I've slipped so far into obscurity...

From: The West Virginian
Robin: Oh my God! You're..............................GORGEOUS! Marry me!

From: GodOfGaming
*Robin confronts Slade*

Robin: Hey Slade, is that a Pepsi your drinking?
Slade: No Robin, *unzips Pepsi* it's new Pepsi Twist. And I'm not really Slade. I'm really...
*Slade takes off his mask*
Barry Bostwick: I'm Barry Bostwick! ^_^
Robin: Who? o_O

From: Majin Zero
Robin ...Youre...!!!!!!!!!!
Slade: Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure! You might remember me from such villain roles as, TEEN TITANS!"

From: Ry Senkari
Robin: *takes off Slade's mask* Oh my God, it's-
Jared: Hi, I'm Jared Fogle!
Raven: It's that guy that lost a million pounds eating Subway subs.
Robin: You're Slade?
Jared: It's okay, I had Subway for lunch!

From: MetalUmbreon
Robin:oh my god, Tony Hawk?
Tony Hawk:Yeah....wait, how the hell did I get here.
Robin:Well, we're going to fight you just for the sake of humanity.
*Tony Hawk gets a Crazy, Gadget filled skateboard and fights the titans*

From: Chocobo Kirby
*unmasks slade*
Robin: WTF...
Robin: Your a glass of lemonade?
Lemonade: *cant do anything because he's lemonade*

From: Grimlock64
*unmasks Slade* Robin:Holy crap, it's... holy crap.
Cyborg:Who is it?
Robin: I just said it was holy crap.*points to a piece of doo with a hole in it*

From: SRXGranzon
*Robin removes mask*

Huh? It...can't be....

Slade: Yes, it is I: ADAM WEST!!!!

From: Rabid Banana
Robin: Your...Ashton Kutcher!
Ashton: And you've just been PUNK'D Hahah-
*Raven kills him*
Raven: He gets on my nerves.

From: Eric Cross
Robin: Your... your... Dave?
Dave Chapelle: Heh heh heh... you crazy white boy... you fall for it all the time... heh heh...
Robin: Heh heh... ok ok... you so got me Dave...
Dave Chapelle: heh heh... you know where to find me Robin, come and get me... heh heh...
Robin: Your a trip ... (he helps Dave up)

From: Blue Arc
*Robin unmasks Slade*
Robin: it's a-
puppy: *bark, arf arf!*
TT: ????

From: Team Mecha
You left out the part where Slade starts humping Raven's leg.

From: iwillruleyou
Robin: ... Brainiac?! But why?!
Brainiac: Look, all I wanted was some pants. A decent pair of pants!
Beastboy: Beastboy want pants too.

From: MMX377
*Robin unmasks Slade*

Robin- "Huh?!"
Evil Terminator-500- "I have come for you. You will be terminated."
Cyborg- "Cool! He's like me! C'mon! Let's play the game--!"
*Evil T-500 shoots Cyborg with a shotgun to death*
Robin- "What have you done?! He was my best friend!!!"
Terminator- "I'll be back."

*Terminator sets himself on his own self-destruct of the nuclear center core and runs into the city, exploding and wiping out all humankind on the face of the earth*

*Unmasks Slade*
Robin: Whoa.. hes' a robot!
... ... ... ...
(silence for a long time)
Beast Boy: Who wants to go get some tofu?

From: Sephiroth1288
*unmasks Slade to reveal that it was really a robot with a monitor behind the mask*
Robin: Aw man...
*Slade comes up on the monitor*
Slade: You may not have gotten me this time Titans, and you probably never will. But I have good news.
All: What?
Slade: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

From: FireImps87
Robin:"*takes off mask*
Slade:"*bomb appears and explodes on Titans*
Slade/Dr.Claw:"I'll get you next time Titans. NEXT TIME!"
Mad Cat:"Rooooooooaaaaaawwww!"

From: NateJu1727
Robin unmasks and...
Robin: Rob Schneider O_o
Rob: Yep.

He's been the animal, the hot chick, and now, Rob Schneider is... a psychotic villian bent on destroying a bunch of kids and taking over the world!

From: Eric Cross
Robin: Your... your... wai-what?
They are warm and toasty all the way down my mouth and stuffs.
Eat them everyday!

From: The Legend of Dias
Robin: Oh my God! You're...

Teen Titans: Harry the hypnotist?!!

Slade/Harry: That's right! And I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids...and that...that...what the hell are you supposed to be, anyway?

Beastboy: ......

From: Powerpuff Fan
Robin: okay slade lets see who you really are!*he pulls the mask* it's on pretty tight*rips it off*

Slade:*screams loudly*

Raven: holy! Robin you ripped his face off!!!

Robin: oops *sweatdrop*

From: Tejayes
*Robin unmasks Slade...*
Robin: Oh no, it's... OPRAH!!!

Oprah: That's right. I've already dominated the talk show circuit, the book club scene, and the woman's magazine rack. I thought I'd take a stab further into megalomania.

Starfire: But why would you do it?

Oprah: Why would you not declare your unrequited love for Robin before his date with Kitten? Same goes to you, Robin.

Robin: Well, I was... just nervous... that she wouldn't like me *sobs*

Starfire: I also feel like eating Pudding of Sadness. *bawls*

Oprah: And Cyborg, do you think your father would be happy with your materialistic attitude toward your car? And Raven, why can't you let your feelings out just for a little while? And Beast Boy, how do you cope with the fact that some of the animals you transform into are already extinct?

Cy, Rav, and Beast: I don't really know... *whines*

*TT cries loudly in a group hug*

Oprah: Looks like we made some progress. Watch tomorrow when we invite the Justice League to discuss relationships, feminism, and racial homesickness, on the next Oprah!

*Largely female audience cheers*

From: Drake Aldan
Robin: Oh my God! You're...
Cyborg: ... I prefer old-school to your stupid crap, Diddy.
P. Diddy: Awww... maaaan..
*P. Diddy shuffles off screen*

From: dom316
Robin: Now it's time to see who you really are!
*Unmasks Slade*
BeastBoy: Who is he Robin?
Robin: Its a toad.
other Titans: A TOAD?!
*Hypnotoad hypnotizes them*
Titans in unison: Yes master, we will obey.
*Titans go off to conquer the city*

From: Blue Arc
*Robin unmasks Slade*
Robin: Its Batman, I knew it!
Batman: Yes, it was me all along, even though that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Robin: But why?
Batman: Because your a loser Robin, and your Titan group are a bunch of slacker morons. Do you really think the League would let you go fight real villains? You got beaten by a puppet for god's sake! And where do you think you got your giant T from anyway?
Batman: shut up ditz.

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