Are you truly ready for it? Presenting the worst show in television history....
This is from 1981. Yes, you're actually looking at a Saturday Morning cartoon where they took Laverne and Shirley, made then cartoons, and stuck them in the armed forces. Now, this is bad ENOUGH, but it gets a lot worse.
Their drill sergeant was a pig. A PIG, I SAY!! And it gets worse that THAT! They also added Fonzie from Happy Days(who also had his own cartoon), complete with his dog Mr. Cool. Mr. Cool would walk around, see things, stick his thumbs up and go "aaaaaay" to everything. Now we know what Roger Ebert grew up watching....

Mr. Cool sees Laverne stuck on kitchen duty. He sticks his thumbs in the air and goes, "aaaaaaaay."
Mr. Cool walks over to the battlefield and sees a guy get his torso blown off graphically by a grenade. He sticks his thumbs up and goes, "aaaaaaay."

You can see how well this was working already. Did I mention the pig was named "Segreant Squealy"?
Now, you think it wouldn't be humanly possible for it to get any more bad than it already is, but you're wrong. The next year, they renewed it for a second season, extended the program to an HOUR, and added Mork and Mindy to the mess. Then they renamed it the "MORK AND MINDY-LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY-FONZ SUPER HOUR!!!" By now this was a historical blunder of radioactive proportions. And guess what? All the characters from their original shows did their own voices. So yes, you know what that means.....since Robin Williams refused to lend his voice to the Aladdin TV show, THIS is the only children's show that he was ever on. That's ROBIN WILLIAMS, folks!

The show finally croaked in 1983 when they sent all the characters to the Falkland Islands, whereby they all got their heads blown off. So that's the whole story of the worst show TV ever displayed. I'm sorry you had to read all of this, but I gave you fair enough warning beforehand.