This originally ran in April 2006 as one of the final cartoons to appear before Platypus Comix was assimilated into Toon, and ironically was satirical material about the site being absorbed by a large congolmerate. I'm not saying that's what Toon Zone is (far from it, Harley would rather die than sell us all out, and good for her), but it's an interesting connection to point out.

For irony upon irony, there are actually a couple of Toon Zone references in here. One is the "Woody Woodpecker" ad banner that actually appeared in place of TZ's normal ad banner on April Fool's Day that year. The other reference shouldn't be hard to find.

Shortly before TZ introduced me to a neat and tidy PHP that would automate all the lousy HTML makeshift navigation I'd been creating by hand to link one comic page to the next, I had begun to experiment beyond the limitations of a simple page. The opening text of "Mulberry: OFFENDED!" originally faded onscreen via an anim-GIF, and then there was this monster--and then the new archiving system stopped all future border-bashing cold. Due to the fact that this is structured to take full advantage of the loose way I used to display the feature cartoons, it can't be easily archived with everything else, nor can it ever be printed (at least quite the same way).

The ire here is directed at CNet because this is all about their takeover of GameFAQS and how every "improvement" they've brought onto that formerly independent site since has meant more advertising and uglier page layouts. The timing couldn't have been better: mere HOURS after this went up, CNet revamped GameFAQS yet again, and now the pages were covered with ads of all shapes and gratuitous links to other CNet sites, some of which had nothing to do with gaming. The boards exploded in rage, and I linked many of those angry people to this cartoon, which they found warmly therapeutic.