You heard me...

Recently, it's become some kind of rule that a sophisticated animated program has to have one sequence in its title animation that changes with each episode. There are scores of these now, but the best have to be numbered and showcased here.

Anyone can put together an alternating sequence--they're par for the course now. But how about a verse in the theme song that changes every time? And correctly rhymes? And usually manages to catch you off-guard and make you laugh? If anyone could do it, it was the Warner Bros. And the Warner Sister.
4. BART'S CHALKBOARD (1989--whenever he stopped)
Bart's chalkboard used to be one of the best parts of the show back in the early days. And yes, people DID like Season 1...the show was very popular then too. How do you think it stayed on? The best thing about it was whatever Bart had done, we would never see, only what he had to write as a consequence. There wasn't an unlimited number of gags for this though, and you rarely see the chalkboard in a new episode.
When Futurama began in 1999, it was a no-brainer that their new custom of captioning the title was partly based on the success of Bart and his chalkboard. But while it was similar, it was just as good. In addition to the one shown to the right, "You can't prove it won't happen" is also my favorite.
2. SIMPSONS COUCH GAG(1989--2048)
The most famous example, and the mother of all changing sequences. There had been several tried before The Simpsons ever got on the air, but this is the one that really stuck and made the changing gimmick a permanent fixture of animated TV. Unlike the chalkboard, there seem to be an unlimited number of ways to put the Simpsons on their couch, and they have the episode stock to exploit that. And unlike much of The Simpsons today, it's still funny.
1. WAKING JAY SHERMAN (1994--1995)
Every episode of The Critic opened its title sequence with Jay being woken up by either his phone or alarm radio. So why does this score even higher than the famous Couch Gag? Because out of all the sequences I've ever seen, this has the highest comedy potential of any of them, and I can't think of a single awakening Jay got that wasn't hysterical. This was truly the best one. And it only got 23 episodes....