Ha ha, just kidding. You'll never get to play my RPG. And do you know why? Because you don't have the capabilities.

Still interested in playing it? Okay, here's what you need...

A Playstation or PS2
A PS1 Memory card
A "dex drive", which can download PS1 saves off the Internet onto memory cards
A copy of "RPG Maker" for Playstation. NOT RPG Maker 2, the first one.

If you have none, then go out and spend $500 RIGHT NOW on all this stuff. Now, some of it is rare, so if you like looking around everywhere you're in luck.

Once you have all that, use the Dex Drive to download my RPG to the memory card. Then, insert the card into the Playstation and boot up RPG Maker. Waalaa, now you can play my RPG. Of course, it just cost you about 10 times more than an FF title, but ah...the QUALITY will make it worthwhile.

UPDATE: Technology has marched forward since I originally made this page back in 2002. Now all you need to play my RPG is a PS3 (and a copy of RPG Maker). Simply download from the second link and insert the unzipped files into the correct folder of an SD card or a Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Click on Jumpin' Marle (or this text) to download my RPG the hard way!

Click on Wasted Crono (or this text) to download my RPG for PS3!