A list of every Feature Cartoon ever run on the site

A list of every cartoon series I've ever created

The one cartoon that can't be archived with the rest 2006

High Art 2011

My Encounter with the Treasure Truck 2017

My Ocarina of Time walkthrough 2006

The Dark TV Vault Is Real 2016

The Dark TV Vault Is Real Part II 2019

Garfield and Friends SUPAPAGE 2004

The First Cricket 2012

Tiny Toons/Animaniacs Facts (caution: some of this is still wrong, but I've never had time to correct it all) 2002

More Tiny Toons/Animaniacs Facts 2003

"Return of the Joker" Movie Script 2007

The Bart Classics 2007

Play My RPG 2002

Don't Play My RPG 2008

Fifty Kickstarters That Did Better Than Mine 2012

Platypus Comix Goes to Westfield 2012

The Internet's Only Bullgator and Axl Fanfiction 2002

The Top 5 Greatest Cartoon Alternating Intro Sequences 2006

How To Fix "Chuck" 2010

Tour My Christmas Tree 2005

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