You don't have to



All the way back in 2002 I finished creating a game with the PS1's RPG Maker and posted it here. The requirements assured no one would ever play it, but I didn't seem to care. I also made a crack that all PS2 games were three hours long, which no longer makes any sense. I just bought Persona 3 and that is seventy hours long.

Because I didn't want to play it myself, I made a VHS video of the whole game, complete with RADICAL FULL MOTION VIDEO SCENES. The tape sat around and I filled the rest of it with Powerpuff Girls cartoons, but never did anything else with it. Until the present day, when I suddenly felt the urge to use my YouTube account for something other than making comments on others' videos.

Even though my RPG is entirely my own creation, I do this at my own risk. The hysterical police-state at YouTube is such that I think having a single video on your account at all, no matter what it is, is now grounds for permanent ban-mnation. I'm not hedging my bets on there even being a YouTube years from now -- if this is the case and the video windows below don't work anymore, let me know and I'll move the files to one of the seven thousand little YouTube-ish sites that'll spring up in its wake.

Keep in mind that while short for a game, this is long for a video. It's feature-length, coming in at an hour and thirteen minutes. If I were you I'd pace myself and not attempt to swallow it all at once, or else it'll quit being funny pretty quickly.