The Perils of Lois

Awhile back, DC Comics decided to give Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane her own series. Just so you know what you're getting into, the very first thing that happened was this:

Of course, this was back when such a series would not only work, but stay in print longer than a decade. The latest attempt at something like this was Marvel's "Mary Jane" from last year...the problem was, people would rather follow Spider-Man around. MJ has no powers and just doesn't do anything interesting. But back in the 60's Lois could have her own series, and so did Jimmy Olsen, Superman's geeky freckled "pal" who was first created for the original Superman TV series.

Know what? Chloe Sullivan lost her virginity to this man.

Now, if Marvel had taken the "Lois Lane" writing-style approach, maybe "Mary Jane" would have lasted longer. Look at the things she occupies her time with. You never knew, did you?

Historically, the relationship between Superman and Lois hasn't been all that sunny. In fact, can you guess when they finally got married? It was in 1996. Superman had been around for over 50 years at that point. Until then, they just flirted in and out 1996, this got very tired. Bruce W. Timm, writer of some of the greatest Batman episodes of all time, commented that "when Superman married Lois, it just seemed WRONG, like Charlie Brown had finally kicked the football or something." Be that as it may, he had to do it SOME decade. I mean, 50 years? How much longer was she going to wait? Things just kept getting in the way Supes' ex-girlfriend Lana Lang, often used as the "rival to hate" in this series.

If it wasn't Lana, it was someone else.

Or someone else still.

It was often difficult for Superman and Lois to stay together...things just kept getting in the way.

You know, if The OC was like this, I might actually start watching it.