The original 18-issue arc of Runaways came out in 2004, and in an overeager attempt by Marvel to connect with the youth market they were targeting, the cast of characters constantly, CONSTANTLY mention the fact that they live in 2004.

"You okay? You're acting all Keanu." --Nico, issue 1

"Okay, this is starting to get a little Eyes Wide Shut." --Gert, issue 1

"And you think Vice City is dirty." --Alex, issue 2

"I'll get everybody's e-mail addies before they take off. We can all meet up later tonight." --Alex, issue 2

"It's called a secret society, boys and girls! Like the Freemasons? Am I the only one who saw From Hell?" --Gert, issue 2 (yes)

"Remember those two sniper dudes last year? When everyone in Virginia was looking for one white van?" --Chase, issue 2

"Whoa, it's like a whole season of Antiques Roadshow down here." --Karolina, issue 2

"Get out! That is so CSI, Nico!" --Karolina, issue 2

"My mom's AOL password is 'password.'" --Karolina, issue 2 (depending on the mom you have, this might still 100% apply)

"Although her mom does have more shoes than an entire season of Cribs." --Nico, issue 3

"You've been watching too many WB shows, bro." --Chase, issue 3

"You can't blame me for being a little Orange Alert here, can you?" --Gert, issue 4

"What do your parents do, Chase?"
"Supposedly, they made a fortune inventing that thing that lets you open up new CDs without ripping your fingernails off."
--Chase, issue 4

"We should go into hardcore hiding, Saddam style." --Chase, issue 5

"My AIM handle is Sister Grimm. I guess that works." --Nico, issue 6

"At least half of us are wanted criminals!"
"Yeah, John Walsh is probably already gunning for us."

--issue 6

"I'm pretty sure I've heard that word before, but I'd need a good search engine to confirm it. ....Guess we're SOL without DSL." --Gert, issue 7

"Man, this is just like The Real World....only real." --Molly, issue 8

"We're not killers, we're....we're just like you!"
"Tell it to Judge Ito, Wilder."

--issue 11 (what, this was already dated in '04)

"No offense, bro, but I'd sooner spend the night at Neverland Ranch." --Chase, issue 12

"Fighting Foodons!" --Molly, issue 2


"Whoa! That is totally fidget spinner, dudes!"
"That is 13 Reasons Why levels of tragic, man."
"Hey, don't go all Wonder Woman referring to the latest popular incarnation starring Gal Gadot on me, bro."
"That guy's hotter than Markiplier."
"Get woke, bae! Dabbin' on a hoverboard! My eyebrows are on fleek! Sean Spicer!"
"My name is Molly, and my parents were most definitely, without question, Inhumans, not mutants. Completely and irreversibly."
"Get out! That is so Kevin Can Wait, Nico!"