Bloom County Babylon: Five Years of Basic Naughtiness is unique in the line of published BC books (BC as in Bloom County, not BC as in...BC). It's a super-deluxe 224-page edition that collects Breathed's personal favorite strips from all books previously, and it also includes some previously unreprinted stuff from the lost years of 1980 and 1981 when the strip barely resembled what it became.

But at the same time it serves as the official collection of 1985 Bloom County strips--the second half of the book is taken up by them. This took me by surprise. There's nothing on or within the book to point this out--one has to find out on their own, which was an ignorant decision given the way the market works. As cartoon consumers, we've been taught for years that a heavier, more expensive book is always only reprinting what has been printed before in a less expensive volume. I didn't find out this was a legitimate collection until years later.

It also didn't help that this was the one my mother wouldn't let me purchase, because of the word "naughtiness" on the cover. (Well, what was she supposed to think? Who IS that woman?)

This is a sequel to Steve's previous "New Year's Hangover" from one year ago. The referenced cucumber appeared in that strip.

The below strip was reprinted, but nobody who owns "Babylon" got to see the Banana actually spit things out.

EDIT POLICE: The book has Oliver saying "Not exactly" in Panel 3. The 'puter's sensitivity isn't discussed.

This one's missing from the "We're cancelling your childhood, Binkley" series:

The Gene Simmons ad for the Banana Junior 6000 contains one additional line: "Say NO to spandex and chrome. Say YES to silicon."

The "Olive Loaf Vigilante" sequence, in the book, is missing its resolution strip.

The first strip below was reprinted; the next few were not. From this point, a full month was cut.

There may be an extra strip in this sequence that's missing. The Sunday strip after this was another "Bill ate it" IOU.

My paper runs something called "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee." To be honest, Oliver kicks that brainiac's behind six ways 'til Thursday.