We're entering the home stretch with book 5, the final US book of Acres. And whaddya know--it starts out with another week of "sign" gags.

This, I believe, is the biggest sneeze to ever take place in comic strip history.

This is the final appearance of Cody, and Blue disappeared earlier. This is also around the time that Garfield and Friends premiered on TV. My theory (and I said theory, don't post it on Wikipedia) is that Davis was already tired of Cody and making plans to erase him from the strip when the show was in development.

The unforgettable clip used in all the show's theme songs (that showed Wade getting hit by a house) came from a Quickie based on this strip. Everybody's seen it happen, but almost nobody in America knows why.

One of my favorite Lanolin-Roy confrontations.

The last few months of strips gained an extra signature. Jim Davis' assistant Brett Koth was now co-credited as responsible for the strip. Koth has also been just as involved in the Garfield strip, but he remains uncredited there.

You might have noticed by now that Roy's face has slowly been mutating. His final model was different from his TV cartoon model, and all official US Acres art has used the final model. This is why Roy looks so warped on the second DVD set cover.

This one was recycled as a Garfield strip (instead of a hat, it was Odie's tongue).

And with that POOMPF we end our look at the US Acres comic strip.
That's it! Last book! That's all you get.....

......OR IS IT???