Chad Rocco, often credited as CR, is the author and narrator and everything else behind Familiar Faces, a series of web videos documenting everything there is to know about the less popular characters in popular media. It's a very fascinating series, and both it and Chad deserve more exposure than they currently get.

Or at least more exposure than "THE ANNOYING ORANGE" gets. I had to rectify that. So, we have this.

First off is the obligatory "origin" might want to share with the audience how Familiar Faces got started, and why you felt the urge to start a video series in the first place.

Well, I felt that there was an area to fill.

For example, my first episode was about Janine Melnitz of the Ghostbusters. That came about after watching both Doug (The Nostalgia Critic) and James Rolfe (AVGN) talk about Ghostbusters. It kinda bugged me that neither one mentioned Janine since she was part of the movies and cartoons.

I’ve always loved secondary and tertiary characters, and so that love and the urge to experiment with video fueled making the video series.

It's interesting -- only you thought "lesser-known cartoon characters" when looking for areas to fill.

Most people looked at the YouTube reviewer boom and thought of filling a hole that had already been filled. "All I need to do is find a bad movie and riff on it. Easy street!" Now it's been done to death. You've come up with something where you don't need crazy gimmicks or forced humor or a subplot where you fend off intergalactic warlords that look like you in a Halloween costume, because your subject matter is fascinating enough to sell itself. Familiar Faces is my third-favorite series on TGWTG (Todd is the best person on the site in my opinion, followed by Doug).

How long did it take you to get noticed and at what point did the site contact you (or did you contact it first)?

It took a while. It’s a little hard to gain momentum when you're focusing on things people may not have noticed the first time around.

I think it was the fact that I worked on Linkara’s web comic, Lightbringer, that opened the door for me. That and I got spotlighted in about three Awesome Blogs, so I guess that helped…

Explain how working with the TGWTG staff operates for you. Some reviewers have suggested that they work under contract and must complete one video per week, or three per month, and that they get paid a slice of the Blip ad returns. Other people have made it sound like they just do it for fun, with no compensation. What's the truth over there? A little bit of both maybe?

Well, it is a rule that, under normal circumstances, each reviewer has to provide at least one review a month in order to remain a contributor. And to set the record straight, Blip TV and TGWTG are two separate institutions. There is no legal contract between the two…at least to my knowledge.

Basically, Blip will give video producers 50% of the ad revenue for their video. Anyone can sign up and post a show on Blip, and earn money…but I have to warn you that if you doing it for the money alone, the earnings for producers that haven’t established themselves are quite meager.

In the end it’s a three party system for me…I make the videos, Blip finds the advertisers and TGWTG provides the traffic.

Right. I'm going to assume video ads generate about the same amount as page ads -- in both cases, unless you're a superstar, you only earn change per day.

But I bet you received quite a boost from the MLP fans...

You’d be right… that video got a ton of circulation. It even got the attention of a lot of people who worked on the series, including Lauren Faust herself.

So I heard. The My Little Pony video was a big one for you. Not everything one puts online hits its target, usually, but this one did. And it deserved to -- it was done very well.

It's pats on the head like that which creative types live for. Have you ever received any other kind of recognition for something you've done?

I got a nice note for the creators of Dr. Tran, and apparently the daughter of Jim Jinkins (the creator of "Doug") saw my Connie video and liked it.

You're also an accomplished artist, and I had been to your Deviantart page several times before you began FF. You have your own style, but one thing you're surprisingly good at is creating fanart that's entirely on-model.

Mimicking someone else's style flawlessly, without letting yours creep in anywhere, is one of the hardest drawing tricks around. Even a lot of professional comic artists -- who get paid handsomely -- can't do it exactly. Do you have any tips for making on-model art?

Well, I collect “How To Draw" books. Like ones that show the artwork of Preston Blair, Don Bluth, Looney Tunes, Spongebob, etc. Plus some models for TV shows and movies find their way onto the Internet.

No matter what style it is, they are each broken down into three factors…Shapes, Lines and Proportions are what to think about…If you develop an eye for that, then you can duplicate any style given enough time.

Andrew Dickman has sort of become TGWTG's defacto staff artist. I asked him if you and him were friends, or had ever talked to each other, and he said no.

(A little word of advice regarding Andy: turns out he's sensitive to jokes about his last name (which, it turns out, is actually Dickman). I made a crack about it and it didn't go over well with him. I would have thought that, by your mid-20's, you would have learned to live with being surnamed "Dickman," but apparently not.)

Actually, I think me and AWD are on a good basis. We comment on each other's art from time to time and I have nothing but good things to say about the videos he’s made. It’s a shame that he can’t make more. But from someone who makes his own title cards, I know creating that artwork can take up a lot of time.

You created the illustrations for the credits sequences in "Suburban Knights." Would you have liked to have appeared in the movie itself? If they invited you into anniversary #4 would you make the trip?

I was invited to the 3rd anniversary. However a string of deaths prevented my travel…I mentioned this in a journal, but to recap; my father and grandfather died within a week of each uncle also died of cancer at the time but that was out of state…

I made all the illustrations for Suburban Knights while dealing with 2 funerals…that’s why I didn’t have anything posted for over a month…

But, I digress; yes, I would definitely liked to be involved next year. I kinda need the exposure.

Yowch. I knew you'd suffered a tragedy, I just didn't remember when.

Who were some of your favorite cartoon characters growing up, and who are some of your favorites now?

Well, Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles were a huge part of my childhood, but I’ve always loved and watched cartoons….

And as of right now…I like My Little Pony (naturally)…but let’s see. Archer is good. Dan Vs. is fantastic. And I do like Adventure Time, more often aesthetically…and I love American Dad.

Oh, and Dick Figures is a really good web series.

When you say "Ghostbusters," you could be referring to one of two shows. You did a piece on Tracy the gorilla, from "Filmation's Ghostbusters," which was really a piece on the entire show itself. If I had to guess, I'd assume Real Ghostbusters was your favorite childhood show, because I could tell even at age six that the Filmation cartoon was a cheap ripoff. (And yes, I watched it too anyway.)

Not really a ripoff. Just riding some of that heat that was coming off the name, which if you remember they owned first...

I actually like the designs of a lot of the characters....I think the writing was where everything fell short.

You've gradually started introducing more elaborate production values into your videos; for example, your MLP video had a couple of animated sequences. How long do those take you?

Well, if you’ll remember back in episode one, I made a brief animation of a Donkey Kong-like Ghostbusters game. So I’ve always tried to work in little animations…I just haven’t always had time for them. Luckily, I have been able to play with that a little more.

As for the time spent on each, it can vary…For example, that Ghostbusters one took about 3 hours to design the characters and animate it. However, the animation featured in the Jonah Hex episode was about a day's worth of work.

You've also begun to delve into CGI with the title sequence from your Cheap Damage series. I understand you're just beginning to work with computer's that going so far?

Yes, I have been playing with a 3D rendering program called Blender. I've been tinkering with it off and on.

Your video on Baby Doll (from Batman: The Animated Series) was a crossover with The Nostalgia Critic. Explain to us the story behind that.

It's not much of a story...I asked him if he wanted to do a crossover and he agreed. I wrote the script; he was nice enough to appear in it.

So it was just a coincidence that "Baby Doll" happened to be Doug's favorite BTAS episode?

Well, I think that's why he was on board so fast... :)

Who are some of your favorite personalities on TGWTG?

Well, I try to check out most of them, but I have to say my two favorites right now would be Phelous and Brad, mainly because they review a lot of bad horror stuff that I'm not familiar with.

Are there any characters you'd like to cover, but can't because there isn't enough about them to fill up a video?

Not really. I tend to try and experiment with working with as little material as with the Power Team video...there have been times when I've wanted to review something but couldn't find specific content like a comic or then I have to wait and hope it pops up eventually.

What are some of your career goals and dreams?

I'd like to land a job character designing or writing somewhere.

Other than that...I really want to grow as a video producer.

Any hints as to what kind of Familiar Faces may be appearing in your series in the near future?

Actually, I want to also focus on my Cheap Damage videos and alternate between the two.

But as for hints... well, there's one character from Care Bears I want to reintroduce to people...I've got a character from Hey Arnold I've wanted to talk about for a long time...and I plan on reviewing a movie that the Critic has already done...I actually had a script in the works for a long time before his review came out.

Last question: What's your advice for all the little kids who want to grow up big and strong like you?

Stay Off School, Drink Your Drugs, Stay in Milk.