Bah. Not quite as deep as this, in my opinion:

Where was Pigeon? He probably had something to say about that butt.

Harry doesn't need your protection.

Posted because I can't believe somebody actually sells a bra with this printed on it.

You would REALLY be prepared for robbers with that.

I feel like there's some kind of reference I'm missing here.

I'm indifferent toward what this is saying; I'm too distracted by the Bloo popsicle behind it. That is such a great popsicle.

This Whisper will probably come to mind the next time you handle someone else's phone.

This year's Thanksgiving prayer = found.

Somewhere, a TV network executive looked at this and cried.

One of the unfortunate things about growing older is having less of a feel for what generations after you found memorable or significant. Whisper is kind of handy for keeping "in the know" about things like that.

And yet despite not growing up with DVDs, I knew exactly what this was talking about. My mother would take care of babies sometimes. No matter what volume the TV was, "COMING SOON TO THEATERS" always blasted out of the speakers like a megaton bomb and the kids always looked startled. At the time, I never thought about it much. But it was Kindertrauma in the making for today's teens.

Hi, Macy!

Hi, Cabbage!

If you're around 27 and your kids are 3, it'll be hilarious. If you're 43 with a combover and a paunch, this is going to be the lamest thing your teenagers will ever endure.

People were doing that with the original game 20 years ago. Besides, in the cleverness department, you've already been beaten:

That's not a Pokemon; look a second time.

Well, that's a relief.


How long have you been there, two minutes?

Every sentence you've ever said in your life is technically offensive to someone out there.