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Issue #6 :: Planet Of The Jerks :: Rls. Date: 02.11.24
Page Count: 10

Description: The gang deals with bullies, while a newcomer to school attempts to break up Mike and El.

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Issue #5 :: Chasing Eloise :: Rls. Date: 11.05.23
Page Count: 22

Description: Steve Harrington starts developing a massive crush on Eloise and will do anything to get rid of it.

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Issue #4 :: Calling Gloria :: Rls. Date: 09.04.23
Page Count: 12

Description: Mike and Eleven examine the possibilities for their future...or lack thereof.

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Issue #3 :: Electric Nightmares :: Rls. Date: 04.30.23
Page Count: 58

Description: The gang searches for answers when a mysterious new video game appears in Hawkins that affects whoever plays it.

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Issue #2 :: The Hawkins Chainsaw Massacre :: Rls. Date: 01.01.23
Page Count: 39

Description: Amber and Eloise from "Stranger Things Season 2 1/2" are back, and they're following a new leader now! But the truth about them turns out to be wilder than El or anyone else expected.

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Issue #1 :: Stranger Things Season 2 1/2 :: Rls. Date: 08.06.19
Page Count: 114

Description: A new visitor has arrived in Hawkins with the power to control minds. Only the children have managed to escape his power and must keep Eleven out of his grip, or he will become unstoppable!

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