Any clean, flat surface, preferably in a kitchen

(refer to page 134 of the Domestic Housing User Manual for diagrams of typical locations of a kitchen.)

Items required:
1 - Loaf of bread (white or wheat depending on preference)
(minimum two slices of bread required)
1 - Jar of peanut butter (crunchy or creamy depending on preference)
1 - Knife (household table variety)

(refer to page 65498 of the Life Skills User Manual for procedures on procuring consumables from a food and drug retail outlet. Refer to page 324 of the Guide to Typical Eating Instruments for more information on obtaining, caring for, and using a knife.)


1. Thoroughly clean the surface on which the peanut butter sandwich is about to be constructed.
2. Open the plastic bag containing the loaf of bread by twisting the twist tie in a counter-clockwise motion and remove two (2) slices of bread.
3. Place the two slices of bread side-by-side on the surface.
4. Re-close the bag containing the loaf of bread by cinching the open end and re-install the twist-tie using a clockwise motion.
5. Open the jar of peanut butter by firmly grasping the lid and twisting in a counter-clockwise motion, and place the lid, face up, on the surface away from the slices of bread.
6. With one hand, insert the blade-end of the knife into the jar, and while making a twisting motion, withdraw the knife from the jar, making sure to attach a sufficient amount of peanut butter on the blade.
7. Using the other hand, pick up one of the slices of bread and deposit the peanut butter attached to the knife blade onto the slice of bread. Use the knife blade in a sweeping motion to spread the peanut butter evenly on one side of the slice of bread.
8. Continuing to hold the knife, place the slice of bread on the surface, the side with the deposited peanut butter facing up.
9. Using the now free hand, pick up the peanut butter-free slice of bread and wipe the peanut butter residue remaining on the knife blade onto the slice of bread.
10. Place the slice of bread from Step 9 on top of the slice of bread from Step 7. Be sure to face the side of bread with peanut butter residue face down.
11. Insert the knife into the dishwasher unit.
(refer to page 4567 of the Common Household Appliance User Manual for more information on the dishwasher device.)
12. Replace the peanut butter jar lid on the jar of peanut butter and secure it by firmly twisting in a clockwise motion.
13. Consume sandwich.