Nintendo E3 1998

Dan's Report from E3: Day One

Nintendo BoothNintendo's booth is once again the largest booth at the show. Although there are no licensee booths within Nintendo's booth, several different areas will highlight key titles from both Nintendo and second parties.

Nintendo SportsThe Nintendo's Sports lineup is heavily featured, with Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside and MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. Licensee sports games include World Cup '98, NFL Blitz, NFL Quarterback Club '99, NBA Jam '99, and Madden '99, among others.

Princess ZeldaPrincess Zelda takes center stage, literally, in the Zelda theatre. An almost life-sized puppet of Princess Zelda will actually interact with the audience (like Mario and Wario have at previous shows.) The Princess is continually menaced by a gigantic Ganondorf, enticing visitors to check out The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

PokemonPokémon has a huge presence at the show, with a display showing just a few of the thousands of merchandised items for Pokemon. A gigantic Pokeball will open to reveal an equally large Pikachu. Small Pokemon toys will then be launched into the audience. I'm sure we'll see some impromptu Pokémon battles break out with these little guys!

I've already seen so many things that I divided it into easy-to-digest sections:


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