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Telepathic Dogs Update


Last week on NBC Nightly News (Tom Brokaw) there was a report on a recent study by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the results he just released on dogs knowing when their owners were arriving home. There was even an interview with the Dr.

Several months ago, we posted the below "Telepathic Dogs Request For Help" on our web site - it was written by Pam Smart, who works with Dr. Sheldrake. So I wrote her and asked her to send us his latest results, as I thought you would all enjoy knowing what's up.

Here is her response to my inquiry.

Don Hoflin


Dear Donald,

Thank you for your email regarding Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and his recent results about Jaytee, my pet terrier.

The study is continuing so I can only give you the recent data which is that after 150 tests with Jaytee he knew my arrival 80% of the time. We have obviously ruled out the sound of my car, routine times and subtle cues. The times he has not reacted have been when he was not well or when a local bitch was on heat.

I have discovered also that he does not react when he is alone, so I presume that his behaviour is a signal to either my mother or someone else who he is attached to that I am coming home. We have got gradually more sophisticated in our methods which now have me setting up a camcorder fixed on the spot by the window where he goes when he is anticipating my arrival, Dr. Sheldrake bleeps me to come home at a random time and we then analyse the time Jaytee spends at the window both during my journey and throughout the whole experiment. In 21 out of 23 experiments we have on video, Jaytee spends a higher percentage of time at the window during the period when I was returning than during the rest of the time when I am not returning. The probability of that occuring by chance is 1 in 100,000, which is very significant.

I will see if I can get more statistics for you from Dr. Sheldrake which I can pass on to you at a later date.

We would be very grateful for any pet owners in your area who are also willing to take part in this pioneering research.

Thank you. Please keep in touch

Pam Smart

Telepathic Dogs Request For Help

I am doing research into the possibility of telepathic relationships developing between people and their pets. Pets that know when their owners are returning. Far from being far fetched or fanciful there are many examples of such relationships between owners and their animals, particularly dog owners.

As a dog owner myself I have been the subject of interest and investigation
by Scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a former Cambridge Don and former
Research fellow of the Royal Society, who is carrying out detailed research
on the subject following his best selling book 'Seven Experiments That
Could Change The World' published by Fourth Estate in the UK and Riverhead
Books in USA/Canada.

Much interest has come already from the media, with articles having been
written in national and local press and television itemss being featured
both here in the UK and abroad.

I am now working for Dr. Sheldrake and need to contact other pet owners who
have stories about their pets, especially pet owners who are willing to try
some experiments on their own pets to see if they know when you are coming
home or going to take them for a walk etc.

Please make contact on email add. or write to 173,
Kay Brow, Ramsbottom, Nr. Bury, UK.

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