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The Awsome Ferret-Cam!

The picture below is updated every 15 seconds via a live video camera. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the mysterious and elusive Mustela furo (the domesticated Ferret), rarely seen in their natural habitat, the suburban apartment. (If you see a partial image or no image at all, please re-load as you probably caught the server while it was updating the image.) If you notice the Ferret-Cam being down for a long time, or just want give comments, please send me email.

Time:   08:06 AM         Date:   02/25/99
User Number:   516330

The results are in! Here's a little Ross Perot style graph I made showing the results of of all the information supplied by all of you steadfast ferret watchers. The times on it are Central Standard time, so if you are not in the central U.S. you will have to adjust the times yourself. It seems that overwhelmingly the best time to catch a ferret is between 2 and 7 p.m. I think this may have more to do with when people are watching than when the ferrets are out, but keep sending in the data, and maybe we can get a more accurate perspective.

Because of much ignorance and many false pre-conceived notions ferrets are still illegal in some locations. For info on what's happening to help the situation and what you can do check out Ferret Central. Those of you living in California may also want to check out the California domestic ferret association.

This sight has been honored with the esteemed "Bacons's favorites" award. For more info check out Bacon Links, Life & Potbellied Pig FAQ and Resources Pages

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