- December 1, 2004 -

KNACKS: Miss Mare, we can't take the suspense anymore! What's in the first box?!

MARE: I'll give you a hint. People eat on it.


MARE: Not quite. It's a table. At least, I'm pretty sure it's a table. A high table, if anything.

KUSE: What a rip. I can't even reach the top of it.

KNACKS: Hey, hey wait a second -- that's no table. Queen Mare, don't you see? This is your throne!

MARE: Knacks, I appreciate what you're trying to do for me here, but really, I feel silly sitting on a table.

KNACKS: My only regret is that your feet don't rest at a height that enables me to kiss them while you sit there.

MARE: Nice. Where'd Kuse go?

KNACKS: Oh shit! I totally forgot! We started playing hide-and-go-seek -- I'm supposed to be looking for him!

KUSE: What the Hell? I thought it'd take him like two seconds to find me here.