- December 17, 2004 -

JIM: Are you ever going to let me out of here? It's no fun spending Christmastime in a cage.

CLAIRE: Tell you what. I'll let you out if you give me your best monkey impression.


CLAIRE: Hmmm. That was good, but my heart tells me it wasn't your best. Guess you're staying in the cage. Like a good monkey.

CLAIRE: Monkey want a banana? Aww, what's that? You can't reach?

KNACKS: Kuse, Kuse, I got the wand! Let's get out of here!


MARE: This isn't one of those gag prop wands, is it? You're not trying to fool me, are you?

KNACKS: No way, that's the real deal. That's the wand Claire's been using.

MARE: Just checking. Now that we have the wand, we can cast the spell to stop Waiterbot! Come, quickly! We must get back to the Advent Calendar!

KUSE: The Advent Calendar?! Why do we gotta go there for?! It's such a trip!

MARE: Quit complaining and rope an albatross for us to hitch on. The hot air balloon is out of its first two words.


KITTY: Meow?

WAITERBOT: No, Little Kitty, I haven't forgotten my promise. I will help you become powerful just like myself.

KITTY: Meow?

WAITERBOT: No, my real name is Einstein. They call me Waiterbot because -- oh, what difference does it make now?

WAITERBOT: I went to the pet store earlier on Claire's orders to kill all of the fish. While there, I picked you up some new food. The filthy lady said it would help make you big and strong. Then she muttered something about peanuts.

KITTY: Meow.

WAITERBOT: Remember, you can only eat a little of this stuff each day. I don't want you to go exploding on me.

KITTY: Meow?

WAITERBOT: No, it's not a figure of speech. I'm really afraid that you might explode from it.


CLAIRE: Waiterbot, where are you?! Come here, quick! I need you to watch me open the next gift! It's no fun if nobody's watching! Dammit...he's not here.

CLAIRE: Timberlion shiverings, it's my very own video camera! Now I can record my violence and treasure it forevermore!

CLAIRE: And wow, it's a Panasonic, too!

KUSE: Mare, I don't care what you say...

KUSE: ...this place still gives me the creeps.

MARE: Look, we can't stop Claire until we stop Waiterbot. To do that, we'll need the help of tomorrow's gift!

KUSE: Tomorrow's gift?! You said we could never open these things early!

MARE: Indeed I did, and we're not going to. But from what I read in those spellbooks, I can certainly transform its contents into something we can use.

KNACKS: How are we gonna do that?!

MARE: Magic!

tick... tick... tick...