- December 3, 2004 -

KNACKS: Queen Mare, this next box is for you!

MARE: My word! It's a big one, isn't it!

KUSE: Hey! I haven't opened anything yet...it should be my turn!

KNACKS: Queen Mare, this next box is for you!

KUSE: Grrr, I still say it should've been my turn.

KNACKS: SHUT THAT. Miss Mare, what's in the box?

MARE: Dudes, you're not going to believe this. It's a fucking fireplace.

KNACKS: Hahahah.

KUSE: That's hot.


MARE: I wasn't kidding, there's seriously a fireplace in here. How are we going to get it out of the box?

KUSE: Knacks, what about using that voodoo statue? The one we resurrected Mare with?

KNACKS: It''s a voodoo statue, not a miracle worker.


MARE: Well, that was a process and a half, wasn't it?

KNACKS: I'll say.

KUSE: Oh for the love of Christ...the thing weighed ten pounds. All we did was cut the box into pieces and push it against the wall. What's the big deal?

MARE: It's such a beautiful fireplace, too. Do you guys have any wine in this place?

KNACKS: No, but we've got wine glasses, and an empty decanter.

MARE: It'll do.

MARE: I'd like to propose a toast. A toast to Christmas!

KNACKS: It's the most wonderful time of the year, Queen Mare!

MARE: Absolutely. What do you think, Kuse?

KUSE: I'm vaguely into this toast.

MARE: Vaguely?

KUSE: <-- Jewish. :(