If anyone frequented the Internet in the months following the release of Ocarina of Time, they probably came across this: one of the biggest game-related hoaxes ever on the Net. Everyone believed this person, similar to HG Wells' War of the Worlds radio program. These days, fake pictures don't fool people as well, now that everyone can do them...but back in '98, it was a different story.
The whole story of Ariana Almandoz originated on Hyrule: The Land of Zelda, THE best Zelda site online at the time, filled with cool Flash and humor. Unfortunately HTLOZ went AWOL without warning in 2001, taking the whole story with it. Most people remember the whole thing--they just can't see it anymore.
Until now. I couldn't see it either at first, but then I remembered I had the address of the exact page where they had this whole incident. Thanks to the government's miraculous Wayback Machine, I was able to retrieve the page from their archives, even though the original had been deleted. And if you didn't know, it's impossible to get this page back--or any page from HTLOZ if you DON'T have the exact address; since the links were all Flash buttons and those didn't "take" on the Wayback Machine, leaving blank spots where they should be. I was probably the only one who could do it...and today, I went back and found that I could no longer get ANY HTLOZ page from the Wayback Machine. I resent this because I was going to get the other pictures that weren't loading on my version. So some are missing, but enough are there for you to figure out what's going on. Not quite a trip back in time, you'll feel more like Simba in the Elephant Graveyard when you see this page that's missing all its Flash and some of its graphics. But it's all anyone will ever get...I think I now have the only site with any trace of Ariana on it. Unless some people stole it from me by finding my site on Google; and based on the page count I'd say that's likely happened about 50 times. Behold: Ariana Almandoz lives!