Spud's Quest, available today for PC and coming soon to the Ouya, has the displeasure of being the most flagrantly mysogynistic video game I have ever laid my womanly eyes upon. I'm so outraged right now, I'm on my third keyboard due to my smashing the previous two in furious rage before I could start typing. You...you just have no idea, the depths that this pile of unfiltered chauvanism they dare call a potato can sink.P

The "hero" of this adventure -- if you can call him that -- is Spud, a blue ambulatory potato, and his sidekick, Prince Charming, who has been turned into a frog. If you know anything about the oppressive, anti-feminist fairy tales of yore, you already know where this is going. Mind, I never played the game longer than three and a half minutes, but the very idea so nauseated me I just couldn't continue.P

But it's even worse! As you can observe from the YouTube thumbnail above, the game frequently indulges in adolescent male fantasies, constantly shoving FULLY TOPLESS mermaids in your face. In addition, both the potato and the frog are male, with no option available to play as a womyn. (That wasn't a typo, you pigs!)P

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The mere fact that this disgusting potato was allowed onto Steam is damning evidence that Gabe Newell himself is the most mysogynistic man alive and deserves to be roasted on a spit while screaming in agony. Death to this abomination of a potato! Death to every human being that downloads it, and death to Syria!P