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posted 15-08-1999 08:12

All that remained after the battle was scorched earth and smoldering grass.
Ash coughed, and doubled over in pain. He was hurt and he didn't even know it. It was the worst battle of his life, and he knew that he was lucky to survive with just a bruised rib. The injury was painful, but it couldn't mask the elation he felt at winning. Thank goodness for Pikachu! If it weren't for him, all would have been lost. The mysterious trainer was so powerful, and the strange Pokemon she commanded were the most vicious he had ever seen. In fact, Ash had never seen such Pokemon before, and even his Pokedex could not identify them. What the hell were they? They seemed more like demons, Still, Pikachu had saved the day, and Ash couldn't wait to give his furry friend a big hug. ''Pikachu!'' he shouted, expecting to hear the familiar squeak of his first ever Pokemon. There was no reply. He called again, but there was nothing, save the howl of the wind and the snake-like hiss of steam rising from the ground. He stood up painfully, and looking around, began to realize the full extent of the devastation the battle had wrought. It was a nightmare, and he was standing at the edge of it. ''Pikachu!'' he called, and this time, there was dread in his voice. For as far as his eye could see, there was nothing but a barren wasteland of burnt ashes and smoking trees. The mysterious trainer
was nowhere to be seen, but even worse, so was Pikachu. ''Please,'' he said to himself as he broke into a run, "Please, don't let anything bad happen to Pikachu!''

Ben Kosmina

posted 15-08-1999 10:00

Elsewhere, three figures were busying themselves with a strange machine,
which was hidden on the side of a lonely road. ''Meowth!'' cried one. "I told
you two before, giant vacuum cleaners just don't work! This ain't some
average trainer who just got her license, she's an ex-Rocket! We're donna
have to use strategy!''
James stopped screwing in the bolt and turned to face the other two,
''Strategy? We tried that too, and that doesn't work either! Who is ex-Rocket,
anyway? Doesn't she have some secret weapon that she uses to destroy only
trainers who get in her way?''
''Don't be ridiculous!'' cried Jessie, who was looking out for any victims with
Poke Balls around their belt. ''That's just an old wives tale. She uses
Pokenon, like everyone else. She's my role model! She doesn't let any man
get in her way! She says 'So long!', and takes their Pokemon and whatever
else she wants. That is, if she likes them."
''If that's true, she must have quite a few powerful Pokemon herself. The host sure would like it if we grabbed those!''
''Oh, James, sometimes your stupidity astounds me. What are the chances of her passing a desolate road like this one?"
They all looked around. It was a good place for an ambush. There were no
police, and there were lots of really big bushes to hide behind.
Meowth looked down the road. ''Hey, someone's coming! Quick, get the
machine ready! And don't forget the motto!'' Jessie, James and Meowth
rushed to hide behind the bushes.
''Pssst! Hey, Jessie, this role model of yours was an ex-Rocket, right?"
''Yeah, so?"
''Have a look at that person's shirt!'' Although it could barely be seen from the long trenchcoat that the mysterious person wore, there was a black shirt, with a difficult to see maroon 'R' in the middle.
''No wayl'' cried Meowth. ''If that was the case, she'd have to have five Poke
balls at her belt, and she's only got four...''
''Look in her hand!''
The mysterious figure was closer now. She was clutching a red-and-white ball in her hand, as though she was getting ready for battle. And then, without a word, she threw it right in front of the bushes where Team Rocket were preparing to ambush her. There was a blinding flash as the Poke Ball opened, followed by a huge, unearthly roar.
''I don't like the sound of that!" cried James!
"1 agree, James! I think it's time for us to be blasting off again! '' cried Jessie.
''You two are a couple of wimps! I'll just take a look...'' Meowth looked over the bushes and came face to face with a set of teeth that were bigger than he was. ''MEEEOOOOOWTTTHHH!!!!'' he cried. Jesse, James and
Meowth ran off, screaming.

The figure in the trenchcoat smiled.


posted 15-08-1999 11:30

Meanwhile back at ash's, he was getting ready to kick butt. he was gonna
ambush the team rocket headquarters. he had known of this place for long but
had never wanted anything to do with them. But this time, the situation was
getting personal. Ash had no other pokemon with him. all of them were stored
in bill's PC. that's hy he had lost in the first place, His lvl. 72 Charizard. Lvl. 65
Diglett or Lvl, 94 Mewtwo was more than enough for his previous battle. but
he was caught off guard. He went to the Pokemon center in saffron city and
accessed the PC. "Enter Password'' Flashed the Monitor, ''Pikapikachu!!!''
Typed Ash with Caution.
''Invalid password. ''Access Denied.'' ''Please Check your username and
password. You have 2 more Tries." A trickle of sweat flowed down Ash's
forehead. This better not be what was running through his mind at the exact
moment. He tried another teo times both to avail. Someone had broke through
his password and changed it. Now, all his Pokemon were gone! he had in his
back pack all but 4 pokeballs, and 2 potions. He had to catch more


posted 15-08-1999 12:15

Depressed that all his pokemon got taken away he
thought that he would never see Pikachu,Ash went off into a Saffon Forest on
the way he ran into Nurse Joy.
''Hi,do you think you can help me?" Nurse Joy asked
''Sure but all my Pokemon where taken a way."
"By the Pokecenter Safety System'' Joy replied
''Yes!! How did you know?" Ash asked.

''Well the new system we put in all pokemon trainers where given thepasword
to get in so burglers couldn't steal Pokemon from us butone the password was
changed and anyone who tried to get in had there pokemon stolen.Only A


posted 15-08-1999 13:22

ash asked whats my password?!Nurse Joy asked Ash ''Whats your name?" she
anwsered."It's ash." he said. Nurse Joy searched for it, "Ash Ash, oh here it
is'' she shouted.Your password is Mewtwo."Oh thank you," he said. he went to
the PC quickly and typed in his password."I got my pokemon back!'' he


posted 15-08-1999 14:01

Ash was so overjoyed with happiness!
''Yah! My pokemon!'' Ash had cried.
Even the pokemon were happy to meet Ash.
''So...what do I need to do now?" pondered Ash.
Ash was so intent on getting his pokemon back he had even forgotten where
he had planned to go!
''Heeeyyy! Where's Brock and Misty?" exclaimed Ash as he was looking
around. '
I have my pokemon, but now I need my friends!
Ash placed Pikachu into his pack with his head peeked out of course while he
zapped all his current pokemon into his pokeballs. Hey Pikachu, now that I've
found you and the rest of my Pokemon, wanna go exploring for Misty and
Brpck now? ''PIKA!! remarked Pikachu, and Ash set off, now trying to track
his missing friends...

Note: there was obviously a deleted post between this and the next one.....


posted 16-08-1999 00:56

Ash desperately stands up and got to the phone and called the local police
and them what happened at the Pokecenter. The police rushed there like an
firebird. The police hurried and went to chase team rocket for the stollen
pokemons, while the rest hope to recover ash and nurse Joy.She was shot on
the arm so he was okay after the took the bullet out. But nurse Joy on the
other hand was not, she was shot on the chest and was being taken to the
hospital. Ash hurried and got up and was about to chase up to the police to
search for his pokemons. But the police got back with team rocket and the
stollen pokemons. Ash was so overwhelmed he always forgot his shot in the
arm. He thanked the police and got his pokemon back and was about to move
on. While team rocket threw a dynamite to the crowed and they got away
agian. While ash continues his search for misty and brock. He continued
traveling and went to battle the elite four for the first time. On the way he
meets brock and misty. They were ver excited to meet again after a month.
Brock and Misty told ash that they lost him ever since he battle the teamrocket.
He's still thinking about that fight but right now all in his mind was
how to battle the ultimate elite four!

Dr. Evil

posted 16-08-1999 02:22

As Ash and Team Rocket have just learned, they know very little about the
Pokemon world. For, far to the north of the lands they know, strange and wild
Pokemon roam that have evolved apart from those known by most. There, the
giant Chompa (an alligator-like Pokemon with huge teeth) and Catamite (a
nine tale cat (related to Ninetails?) that squeezes the life out of its opponent)
live in the swamp which boarders the southern pads of the world. Two of
these that have escaped across the boarder with an ex Team Rocket
member, along with several even more powerful creators from farther north.
Having brought these Pokemon into the civilized world, it will take a Pokemon
Master of epic proportions to save humanity.


posted 16-08-1999 07:13

Now that Ash, Misty, Brock, and Ash's Pokemon were reunited again, they
began their journey to battle Pokemon League.
''1 haven't been here since you battled me in my Gym, Ash!'' said Misty as they
entered Cerulean City.
''Ya, I really showed you up, didn't I?" giggled Ash,
"WHAT? I would of beat you!!! The ONLY reason I GAVE that badge to you
was because my airhead sisters MADE me! ! Screamed Misty. Ash shot misty
a pathetic look and muttered
''Shure you did, Misty."
''Stop, you to," said Brock ''We need to get out of this dumpy town and get to a
real city, Pewter City!''
''Dumpy town!?" shouted Misty.
Suddenly smoke filled the air. As Brock. Ash, and Misty struggled for air, the
sillouet of a slender beautiful and dangerous woman emerged out of the mist.
''Hello Miss, My name is Brock! Would you like to go out to dinner sometime?
How about a movie? Anything?! !'' Brock said as he drooled over the
''Mystou Go!'' shouted the woman as Ash began to see the faded maroon ''R''
tm her chest.
''it's the mysterious trainer I battled!'' thought Ash. Suddenly a yellow and blue
striped Pokemon emerged from the X-Rocket's Pokeball. Ash pulled out
Dexter and scanned the strange Pokemon, All Dexter told him was that it was
a Mist and Ghost type Pokemon.
''Mewtwo, I choose you!'' shouted Ash as he threw his Pokeball containing the
Psy Pokemon.
''Foolish move, Ash. An X like me doesn't have to play by the rules. Hostyle,
Go!'' said the woman.
Ash began to grab a second Poisson to fight Hostile but felt nothing on his
Trainer Belt!
''Hey? Where are my Pokemon?'' cried Ash.
''Hostyle, return!'' shouted the woman.
"I didn't see hostyle come out of it's Pokeball. though!'' said Misty. The XRocket
said ''That was Hostyle's special move, cloak. Now that he stole your Pokeballs, I
can get back to repaying you for the damaged you caused my Pokemon last
battle, Ash. Prepare for trouble, and I don't need a partner to make it double.
I'm powerful enough. It took me years to capture and tame the position of
the North. Now, I am the most powerfull being..from this dimension. The two
Pokemon that escaped the North into your world will destroy you and this
A huge Worp hole formed and Misty, Brock, Ash, Pikachu, and Mewtwo were
sucked into it. The crew landed on a barren land.
''This must be where the 2 Pokemon are," said Brock.
''Look! A Town!" shouted Ash as the team started to head toward ''civilization''.


posted 16-08-1999 07:16

Not knowing where to look for his friends, Ash walked down a narrow dirt
path. His mind was on his friends. Were their Pokemon stolen too? Would
they be able to get them back? Not even Pikaehu's calls could give him
comfort on this, the loneliest of roads.
In the distance he could see two people running towards him. Were those his
friends? He then saw a small figure near them. It was unlike his friends to just
run along with a loose Pokemon. The small figure was running fastest. Ash
flipped back his jacket and ran a finger across his Pokeballs. He was
beginning to wonder about the oncoming trio, and after all that happened
recently, he wasn't going to be caught unawares. "Mew," he thought. "That's
who I'll use." He unclipped the required Pokeball off his belt. His glance had
not left the oncomers.
The trio were closer, he started to make out details. The Pokemon had a tail,
one of the humans had long straight hair. They were not his friends. His grip
tightened around his Pokeball. He started hearing the screams come from the
trio, Were they in pain? Was someone else screaming? No. It wasn't a
scream of pain, it was a scream of fear.
Pikachu started shivering. He could sense the danger. ''Pika,'' he cried
solemnly. Ash looked down at his nervous friend. He scruffed the fur on the
back of Pikachu's head. ''It'll be alright Pikachu. I'm ready this time."
''PIKA!!!!'' Pikachu called out. Ash turned. Leaping at his face was a whiter
than usual Meowth. Knocked over by the impact of the flying Pokemon, Ash
hit the ground. As he lay there he saw two familiar team rocket members run
past him. Dazed, Ash sat up, looking at the trio in confusion. ''I wonder what's
got them running?''
As he sat there, watching the quickly disappearing trio, he felt the earth
shudder beneath him. He turned back down the road and saw trees in the
distance being toppled over. If this was what Team Rocket were running from,
it was big. and it sounded angry.


posted 16-08-1999 07:54

Ash gulped. The Pokemon looked a lot like a dinosaur. He reached for Dexter
''Tyranno. the dinosaur Pokemon. It has been known to destroy several
universes with a single slash."
Brock said, ''Running is the best idea now. RUN!!''
Tyranno yelled, ''I will send you into a different time/space continum!'' It did so
and Ash, Misty, Brock and their Pokemon found themselves spinning through
time. It caused them to pass out.
Hours later....
''Where am I?" Ash questioned.
He soon saw two kids, playing.
''1 bet I can beat you, Gary!'' A

The Mysterious Blue

posted 16-08-1999 09:38

Gary just snickered. ''Try your best, Junior!" Ash tensed. He hated it when
Gary did that.


posted 16-08-1999 10:44

Suddenly the ex-rocket pops up behind ash and grabs his pokemon league
hat and twirls it on her finger. ''What the?" ash yells out and spins on his heal
to face the figure. ''Looking for this?" the figure asks. "Hey give that back. i
had to eat 50 bowls of Kabuto Crunchies (TM) for that hat!'' ash cries out. "Is
that all, I dont usually accept cheap gifts.'' the rocket says. ''Why
you...pidgeotto go!'' A blinding flash lights the area, as Pidgeotto emerges into
the dark, rainy atmosphere. ''A pidgeotto, is that the best you've got. Koromon
GO!'' the rocket yells. "Koromon, thats a Digimon(TM) not a pokemon, thats
against the rules!" ''Rockets don't play by the rules, amateur!'' ''Pidgeotto,
blow him away with your whirlwind attack!'' ''What? pidgeotto flinched!''
''Pidgeotto, return!" ''Primeape, go!'' ''Use your siezmic toss!'' Primeape grabs
the Koromon and jumps up in the air: ready to slam it down. Ash yells out
''Pikachu, go!'' ''Hey: that's illegal!'' the ex-rocket yells. ''So is being in team
rocket, but you were!" At that moment, ash notices a glowing rock beside him.
he then pulls out his pokedex and points it at the stone. The dex says:
''thunder stone, supposed to have some effect with electric pokemon, other
information about this item is still unavailable.''
Ash pauses then puts dex away. He then grab the rock and hurls it next to
plkachu. Pikachu starts glowing, then evolves into Raichu! A few seconds
later primeape slams Koromon into the ground and does a backflip to land
next to Ash. Ash yells '' mean Raichu, you gaurd the rocket, and
make sure she doesn't call out any other pokemon.. Primeape, tackle the
koromon while it's still stunned!" Primeape goes to tackle the Koromon but it
ducks and primeape hits the ex-rocket! Keep her down, Primeape, Raichu,
use your lightning attack on Koromon!" Koromon faints and Ash walks over to
the ex-rocket and Primeape and asks the ex-rocket who she is, She removes
her mask (this is starting to sound like star wars) and Ash knows he's seen
her before. ''Hey I know, you're Gizelle from the school of hard knocks!'' but
before he can say more, Gizelle throws off Primeape, gets up, and throws a
smoke bomb on the ground, it explodes in a huge puff of smoke so Ash calls
out Pidgeooto to gust away the smoke. Once the smoke finally clears, they
find that Gizelle is gone, and all thats left is ash, his pokemon, and Gizelle's
Koromon! Ash walks over to Koromon to pick it up, but as soon as he touches
it, it turns into a Lickitung! He picks up the small Lickitung, looks to the sky,
and yells ''Someday I'll find you, Gizelle, You can count on it!'' With that, Ash
walks on the path to Neon City, not knowing what would come, or if he'd ever
his hat back again. be continued...


posted 16-08-1999 11:29

Ash walked down the pat with ''Raichu'' and likitounge. He saw that pika(He
still called him that) was not looking at him. A cold sweat broke over Ash. ''I'm
sorry pika, I just thought it'd be the only way to beat Gazelle,'' ''Rai,'' Pika
answered. Ash felt really bad. I'm sorry Pikachu, I'll try to find some way to
reverse the effect. He walked on and in a while, he reached Neon.


posted 16-08-1999 12:15

And then Ash over heard someone talking about a study on de evovling
Pokemon he talked to the guy. ''Please you have to help me!'' he said"I don't
know'' ''Please''


posted 16-08-1999 20:47

PLease my name is Ash and I have a Charizard that is way out of control,I
want it back to a Charamnder so it will obey me. The man said that ther are
risks that your Pokemon will be killed if not done properly. .so do you wish to
do thi little boy?...Ash thinks...


posted 16-08-1999 20:50

Also my Raichu .. how could I forget. . i need it back to Pikachu because i
always promised that i would not evolve i regret it and the only hope
to change it back is fatal...whould i take the risk of my raichu canging it back i
should i leave it.. Ash thinks long and hard..and finally...decides that...


posted 16-08-1999 21:05

''I'm back!!!'' Tyranno yelled ''I guess I'll send you to the future, since you don't
like this past!"
The Dinosaur Pokemon sent Ash, Misty, Brock, Togepi and Raichu through
time again.
This time they found themselves somewhere called Pallet City.
Ash yelled, "THis is Pallet Town!''
Misty said, "Well, duh."
They then saw a kid that looked just like Ash.
''Bye, dad!'' The kid yelled.
''Goodbye, Ash Jr. !''
Misty said out loud, "This must be the future''
They followed Ash Jr . into professor Oak's Lab, where they saw a kid that
resembled Gary. The kid and Ash Jr went to a table where there were three
Oak said, this are the only Pokemon l could give you. Now choose!''
As Jr. said, "I choose-''


posted 16-08-1999 21:35


This Entry ws immediatly added to the pokedex:
Strongest Pokemon
Weight: 1 0. 1 lbs
Height: 3''.12''4
Type: Psychic,Fire, Flying.? , ? ?
This Pokemon is extremely strong. It is said to have been purly bred by the
scientists on Cinnibar Island. Prof. OAK himself joined the development of
this Pokemon. There is only one in the world. It is made by Breeding a Lvl. 84
Charizard and a Lvl. 97 Mewtwo. The process is long and hard and cannot be
done anymore. It looks like a Cute Charlzard with the deadliness of Mewtwo.

Admiral Tailz

posted 16-08-1999 22:41

''Goofy?!'' Gary jr. smirked. ''Goofy?! That Pokemon is inferior to the one I
chose! Let's battle, right here, right now!"
"You're on!" yelled Ash jr., as he tossed his Pokeball. Gary jr. just smiled and
calmly tossed his pokeball next to Ash jr's.
''Go. Mr, Jynx!'' he said. The Pokeball opened with a flash of light and out
emereged an odd Pokemon indeed. It a had a black face with to circular,
white eyes with no pupils. On top of its head flowed long, blonde hair. Its body
was that of a Mr. Mime, white and purple spotted. Its arms and legs were long
and thin. Its hands featurs suction cup fingers while its feet sported red
platform shoes.
''Oh Yeah!'' it cried. Goofy sized up its opponent as Ash jr. yelled
''Goofy, use scratch!'' Goofy swiped as Mr. Jynx nimbly dodged.
''Is that the best you got?'' said Gary jr. ''Mr. Jynx, use psychic now!'' Mr. Jynx
put its fingers to its temples as psionic energy began to flow from its forehead,
like a deadly stream. Mr. Jynx started to concentrate the energy at Goofy,
when all of a sudden, regular Ash heard rubbing like and earthquake. The
rumbling ceased, and started again, closer. The lights flickered, and went out.
All that could be heard was the maniacal laughter of a woman...


posted 16-08-1999 23:23

Ash decides to leave his Raichu the way it is for now, and take charizard
back. He walks to neon City and just when he passes through the gate, a little
boy walks up to him and asks him to buy a De-evolution spray. it costs too
much, so ash trades his whole Dragon Ball Z comic book and action figure
collection for it. He grabs the spray, and use 1/3 on Raichu, and 2/3 on
Charizard (because he had evolved twice) and slowly they both turn into there
basic form! Team rocket is shown in a tree above them, and tell Arbok to bind
ash. he does and the boy behind the counter rips of a mask and turns out to
be A.J. (from the TV show) and AJ throws his sandshrew at Team Rocket!
Ash is close to being knocked out, but all of the sudden the fight stops,
because everyone notices a flapping noise coming from the woods. The
flapping gets louder and louder until they find out that it's.....Ash's old
Butterfree and a Beedrill! They fight off team rocket and are about to free Ash,
but he blacks out.
..........:::: : : : :: :: Hours later
Ash wakes up, to find that it was all just a dream, but his hat is missing, and
he still has Lickitung! Wondering what happened, he gets up and walks to the
hall, only to find AJ standing outside! He asks AJ where he is and AJ says
that there in a secret room above his gym.
''Where's team rocket?" ash inquires ''Oh them, Don't worry, My Sandshrew,
arid your Butterfree and Beedrill beat them so bad, they'll be picking there
teeth up for a month!'' AJ replies. Ash and AJ laugh, then walk downstairs to
find Gary, ready to battle! "Ash, you take him on." AJ whispers. ''Ash you're a
Gym Leader?!?!?!'?'' Gary yells in surprise. ''Let's just fight now, and talk
later." Ash says. Gary sends out an Exeggutor, and ash his Pikachu. ''Oh no,
my Pikachu's is weak after using that De-Evolution Spray!" ash says. ''Here,
try this." AJ whispers as he silently rolls a pokeball to Ash. "Pika return!"
''Pokeball go!'' Ash yells as he throws out AJ's Sandshrew. ''sandshrew,
harden and tackle
Exeggutor!" ash commands. The sandshrew tackles Exeggutor and Gary at
the same time. They both fly off and disappear into the horizon. ''ALL
RIGHTI'' Ash yells, as they walk back to the gym.
Laths, Ash and AJ decide to team up and help eachother on there path to be
...To Be Continued...


posted 17-08-1999 00:29

"Wow Ash!'' said ash jr in awe''you beat him to a bloody pulp!''
Just then a shadowy figure popped out. ''1 am Iodan here to battle ash, I m the
trainer of poke gods!''
Ash replied "lets go big shot!''
''Farleth goooo!''screamed Iodan
''Blastoise goooo!''Screamed ash
''Ha hes so puny i will alow you to send out another pokemon!''said Iodan
''Okay go goofy!''
Blastoise used hydro pump and goofy used surf!
Farleth just laughed and used destroy. Both pokemon instantly fainted.
''HA HA HA hA HA! ' laughed Iodan as he walked away thieaveng the ashes
and ther pokemon in ashes.
All were in critical condition....


posted 17-08-1999 10:10

Ash started to wake. He looked aroound him. He could see familiar pink hair.
''Nurse joy?" He said, as he tried to sit. ''Rest silly", she replied, "You and
your friends are going to be OK. Good thing I came along at the right time.
Now get some rest and I'll see you in the morning." Ash slept. He started
dreaming. It was a big house, his home, only he was about three years old.
He could see his mother...

nam nguyen

posted 17-08-1999 13:19

hugging a boy but it wasn't ash though it was someone else ash is
theresitting in hid playpen and sees this boy...this person was a relative to
ash but who??..ash had a flashback and remembered he hada brother call
kanji ketchum..he wakes from the dream and finds himself on his bed with his
shoes on. ..after the dream he thinks and sets on a journey to find his lost
brother kanji ketchum..

Admiral Tailz

posted 18-08-1999 00:45

Meanwhile, in a dark chamber, in a dark corner of the world, The mysterious
woman reflected on all that had happened,
''These fools never know what hit them," she thought. ''After picking a fight
with each of the more powerful trainers and people who would try to stop me,
and beating them so badly that they were knocked out or injured, I brought
them back here where I keep them in suspended animation. Using an
invention I stole from the secret Team Rocket laboratory, I implant dreams in
their heads of me, Battling them with omnipotent Pokemon who can't be
defeated. I even make up parts of their pasts so they are not sure who they
are. There is one I missed, but once he is dealt with, my dominion over all
Pokemon will be complete!'' she thought with glee.
Elsewhere in her secret lair, a figure moved through the shadows. He crept
over to the tubes where her helpless victims were kept in suspended
animation. One in particular, in a tube labled "Ash" was stirring from a dream.
The figure looked down the long corridor of tubes containing exceptional
Pokemon trainers, suspended in green gel. He knew what he had to do. He
crept over to the computer console controlling the suspended animation and
began to type on the keyboard. He had just began to bring the victims out of
suspended animation when he heard footsteps echoing in the halls, getting


posted 18-08-1999 03:31

closer and closer and closer. It was the Rocket! Suddenly Landon, trainer of
the Pokegods, appeared at her side. They started kissing. Ash pretended not
to look.
''Now you shall feel the REAL Power of the Pokegods, not the pathetic ones
you fought in you suspended animation," said Landon.
''Me and Landon will be the Pokemon Masters of the world!'' said the Rocket.
''My name is Lita."
''Mew, Flareth, Charcolt, Pikablu, GGGGOOOOO!'' said Landon.
Ash only had Mewtwo, Charizard, Pikachu: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pidgeotto,
and Beedrill. He decided to send out his three best Pokemon. Ash said
"I Choose...


posted 18-08-1999 04:48

Meanwhile at Giovanni's Team Rocket Headquarters...
Giovanni was yelling.
"I need that Tyranno! Blue, Cyber Green, get in here!''
''Pidgeot!'' Blue yelled.
Shut up, you stuffed chicken!'' The cyborg Cyber Green yelled.
"Both of you! Shut up! Now get that Pokemon, and kill those four ex-rockets!''
''Pidgeotto!'' The Pidgeotto yelled.
''Like that would work'' Cyber Green said dryly.
Blue started flapping his wings, and blew Cyber Green out of the room.
Giovanni said tensly, ''GO!!!!!"
THe two rockets started out of Cinnabar, by surfing on Seadra's back.
''Nintendo who? Why would they make a game Called Pokemon?"
''Yeah right, like the Bulls will win the Championship"
''Fine. THey'll win. Don't go psycho bird-boy on me."

Admiral Tailz

posted 18-08-1999 05:45

Back in the fortress where Ash was trapped...
''I chose you, Charizard!'' cried Ash. ''Feel the power of a legitimate
Pokemon!" What the Rockets didn't know was that Ash was hiding a seventh
Pokemon. In the scant time he had to tap into the computer, he overrid the
lockout that allows you to carry only six Pokemon.
''Your pathetic Charizard is no match for Mariru (pikablu)! go Mariru!''
Lita's Pokeball hit the floor and out came a chubby, blue mouse.
''Water is strong against fire," observed Landon.
''Battle is not my intent," Smiled Ash. ''Charizard, fire blast the computer!''
Charizard let a torrent of destruction flow forth from his mouth as Ash tossed
another Pokeball on the ground.
The rockets wire too shocked to react. Out of the Pokeball came a Pokemon
they had never seen used before...a Magikarp!
''Maglkarp?!'' they laughed ''Where did you get that pathetic thing?''
''Found the closet where you are storing everyone of these trainers clothing,
so I grabbed it from someone's belt.''
''HAHAHA!'' they laughed, ''Mariru, slap it!"
Mariru did as it was told, rearing back his hand and bringing it squarely down
on Magikarps brow. That did it for Magikarp. A white aura surronded him as
he chanded forms. Standing before the rockets was a very angry Gyrados!
''Gyrados, hyper beam!'' yelled Ash. Gyrados opened his jaws and let losse a
stream of muticlored pure energy directly at the rockets. As soon as he let up,
ail that was left were ashes. Ash had his Squirtle put out the computer fire. He
walked from tube to tube, opening each one. The trainers emerged, their
bodies covered in green goo. Ash ran and got towels and all of their clothing
lo avoid embarrassment when they all realized they were nude and covered in
Meanwhile on an island in the middle of the ocean two figures collieded with
the ground. Covered in burns and smoke they quickly jumped in the ocean. as
they were cooling off, one said
''This was an embarrasment! Revenge shall be ours!''
The two figure began to plot amongst themselves...

Email: mars@mars

posted 18-08-1999 07:44

Suddenly, Mars stepped in and interrupted everything!
First of all. let me start out by saying that if this story were a horse, I'd have to
shoot it. Second of all, it ends now, If you have no idea how to write for
Pokemon, then for crying out loud: don't do it! We're going to restart this
story. If you've made it this far. you're obviously bored with nothing to do. I
think this is a clever idea and has the potential to make the EAGB site more
entertaining, but so far it has yet to yield fruit. You are in control of Ash when
you finish reading-why don't you have a little fun with that? The only guy who
knew what he was doing was the one that wrote the opening paragraph.
Anyway, it's now time for a brand NEW story to clean things up. Here it comes
(and remember, there ARE NO ''Poke Gods" in the upcoming Pokemon Gold
and Silver cartridges . Remember , DON'T MESS THIS UP!...
continuing on his quest to become a Pokemon Master, Ash and his friends
find themselves lost in the woods-for the 98th time.
''Great, where are we NOW?'' said a frustrated Ash to a Brock with his head
completely hidden by a large map,
"Well, according to my calculations--''
"No, this can't be right." Brock stopped and scratched his head.
''What? What?" said Misty.
''We should be right in the middle of it. ''
"HUH???" they both exclaimed.
''Lemee see that," said Ash, yanking the map from Brock. He searched the
sheet. "I don't see any-''
''THERE, '' said Brock.
''That's a coffee stain," said Ash. ''THAT'S NOT A LAKE, THATS A COFFEE
''Mysteries of life," mused Brock.
''PIKA PIKA,'' said Pikachu, tugging at Ash's pant leg.
''Hey, I think Pikachu is trying to tell us something,'' announced Ash.
''Pika Pika! Pika Pika Pika! Pika Pika Chu! Pika, Pika Pika, Pika, pika pika,
pika pika...PIKA PIKA! Pika pika. PIKA PIKA! PIKA PIKA!! Pika, Pika, pika...
chu pika chu. Pika, pika, pika, PIKA, PIKA CHU!!!!!!''
"No, Pikachu, you can't get pizza,'' sighed Ash.
''No no no! He's trying to tell you something else! Hey, what's this?" Misty
moved her foot to find a crumpled, dusty piece of paper lying on the ground.
She knelt down to pick it up.
Misty blew the dust away, stared at it for a couple seconds, then gasped and
turned pale.
"What? What is it, Misty?" said Ash.
"I don't believe it," Misty said in astonishment. "I can't believe somebody could
just DROP this!"
''What? What?" Ash ran over.
''Look for yourself.'' She slowly turned the paper toward Ash's direction.
"Thank you, Mister Exposition," said Slappy Squirrel.
''Huh?'' said Brock. "What's she doing here?"
''Ah, who knows?'' said Ash. "These amateur stories never make any sense
Everybody jumped up in joy.
Meanwhile, somebody watched the event through horn-rimmed binoculars.
''Did you hear THAT??"
''Jessie, I really wish you'd throw those away," said James.
Lucky for me I just happened to find it being auctioned off at an Internet web
site! It'll make me RICH someday!''
''So, what's the plan?" said Meowth. ''We gonna catch some POKEMON?"
''We don't need to do any catching," said James. "This may be the biggest
event of our criminal lives! If we can follow them and sneak into that party, we
could-we could--'' James started to slobber with greed.
''AAAAHHH! HE'S DOIN' IT AGAIN!!!" exclaimed Meowth.
''Hold still, James," said Jessie. and she fired a pill into his mouth via
slingshot. She then returned the bottle of pills to a little black bag.
''Thanks, I feel much better, '' said James. "Anyway, think about it! If we play
Jessie and Meowth started to warm up to the idea. "Yeah," she said, rubbing
her hands together. ''This is nothing like our snatch-the-Pikachu schemes-this
is MUCH BETTER," she said. ''I can't wait to see how the next writer handles
it-if he doesn't screw it up by making the whole incident 2 sentences long or
bringing in a character that wasn't originally there."
They started to sneak after Ash's party.
''WelI: we're here," said Ash. They stood before a monumental building,
heavily guarded. There appeared to be NO WAY to get in without an
invitation. Good thing they had one.
''Hey, let's bring our Pokemon out," said Ash. ''We can show 'em off and
everybody important will see what good trainers we are.''
''HEY, YEAH!" they all agreed.
''ZIJBAT! GEODUDE! ONIX! GO!!'' Brock called out,
throwing Poke Balls from a bag.
It was Misty's turn. ''STARYU! HORSEA! STARMIE!''
''Hey, you forgot Psyduck,'' said Ash.
''Hey, nobody says I have to--" and just then, Psyduck popped out from Misty's
screamed an exasperated Misty.
Ash went ahead. ''Let's see. Pikachu's already out...BULBASAUR!
''GOOFY???" everybody yelled. ''WHATS HE STILL DOING HERE???''
''A-hyuck,'' said Goofy. "I'ma gonna do an ad for the latest Disney video,
''Disney licensed characters go to Walt Disney World and buy Disney
products." Here I go!''
''GOOFY, RETURN!!'' said Ash.
Everybody breathed a sigh of relief.
''Phew, that was close,'' exhaled Ash. ''We almost had some spam on this
''So..,ARE WE READY??'' said Misty.
''YES!! !'' they all yelled.
Ash and his friends stared all around at the gathering. There were so many
Pokemon stars, they could hardly believe it.
Rex turned around. ''Hey there, you little kid! Hey! Those are ''Air Stilers''
you're wearing! Thanks for the hundred bucks!''
''Well: if you must know, slobbering fan, I'm sitting here relaxing and NOT
getting paid to drink this can of Sprite!''
''l've got a better idea," said Brock. ''Why don't you battle him? That's what I'D
''Well, I--uh--" Ash stammered nervously.
''Oh, c'mon! It'll be fun!'' said Rex.
Ash gathered up his courage. ''YEAH! I'LL DO IT! AND I'LL WASTE YOU
Rex brought out his first Pokemon. It was...


posted 18-08-1999 08:32

an Ekans.

Ash called back Squirtle, Pikachu, Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur, leaving
Charmander to defend him.

Immediatly one of the organisers rushed over to the group, along with
security, "Hey hey hey! No fighting indoors. If you want to challenge
someone, take it outside to the arena!''

Rex looked outside, it had begun raining. ''Sorry kid, but I can't get these
Noke shoes wet. They'd just shring and be all uncomphortable. Maybe
another day then. Ekans Return!''

''Yeah,'' Ash replied,'' Charmander, return."

''Here kid, have a Stiler Pokeball replica keyring, personally signed by my

"Gee, thanks Mr Stiler!''

''Oh well Ash," Brock commented. ''at least you got something out of meeting
''Yeah ,'' Misty continued, "let's see some more of this convention."

Ash released his Pokemon again and the gang continued to walk around the
convention. There were people swapping Pokemon, stalls selling the latest
Pokeballs an previewing the prototype Hyperball, which claims to be able to
store three Pokemon in a single ball. Over in one corner was Nurse Joy giving
free Pokemon First Aid lessons. They walked over to her.

''Hey Nurse Joy!'' Brock called, ''Good to see you again!"

"Hello, ummm,'' she replied, ''do I know you."

''You idiot," Misty exclaimed to Brock, ''don't remember that all Nurse Joy's
relatives look the same."
"Oh yeah, '' Brock replied. ''Sorry!'' he called out to Nurse Joy.

Brian F

posted 18-08-1999 09:17

"I wonder where Professor Oak is," ash said, then he saw Oak giving a speech on Poke-Nutrition.

"Hes too busy to take to us right now," said Brock.

"Ahuck, a hey Ash, be sure to watch Goof Troop, on disney, or else!"
"Hey!" Ash yelled as he hit Goofy over the head. "You can do that on the Disney Channel, but not in MY backpack!"


posted 18-08-1999 09:33

"Actually," said Brock, "that Nurse Joy looked different."
"What, was she wearing a different hat?" said Ash.
"No, it wasn't like that," he replied. "Just....I'll show you."

They went up to Joy again. "She looks the same to me," said Misty.

At that moment, Giovanni whispered into a microphone from deep in his headquarters, It's time." The micro-receiver in "Joy"s ear received the command and she brought out her pistols.

"On second thought, I'm gonna give this one to you," said Misty.

Attendees from all around the convention ripped off their disguises to reveal maroon-colored Rs on their chests. Gasps and screams were heard all around.

"it was too easy," said Rocket Dan, the leader of the group. "Our boss organized this entire event in the first place! Now we'll dispatch every single one of you and take over the Pokemon League!"

The Elite Four, Professor Oak, and all the officials of the Pokemon League were prodded into a corner. The Rockets raised their weapons, but before they could fire....


A giant tank suddenly crashed through the south wall, startling the Rockets into dropping their guard. Professor Oak and the others raced out of the way.

Jessie emerged from the top of the tank with a bullhorn and spoke. "ALL OF YOUR PRECIOUS POKEMON ARE NOW OURS! WE'LL GIVE YOU TEN MINUTES BEFORE WE--"

They looked around and realized their mistake, but it was too late. Mewoth accidentally sat on the self-destruct button. All the good guys raced to the other side of the room as the Rockets were engulfed in the explosion. Team Rocket zoomed up into the atmosphere. "LOOKS LIKE WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIIIIIINNNN....."

"A hey Ash, be sure to see Disney's Tarzan in theatres, a-hyuck."

"HEY!!" shouted Ash. "I said you could do that on the Disney Channel, but not in MY backpack!" He shoved Goofy back into the pack and zipped it shut.

Email: anthony7@earthlink

posted 18-08-1999 10:09

"There goes Team Rocket." Ash and Brock looked up just in time to see humanoid silhouettes careening through the sky.

They all laughed.

"Lets catch up with them" said Misty. "Dont forget they still have our Pokeballs with them."

They raced ahead.


posted 18-08-1999 11:45

"Let's get that Tyranno!" said the Cyborg/human named Cyber Green

Tyranno warmed up an energy blast. Cyber Green was blasted across the landscape and landed against some large boulders.

"That does it, prepare to eat my fire!" Cyber Green shouted. "PIDGEOTTO!!!" Blue yelled angrily at Tyranno.

Cyber Green fired three steady Energy Blasts from his arm cannon. The blasts deflected off Tyranno and colided with a nearby tree, which fell over onto Cyber Green's head.

"This is your fault Blue!!" said Cyber Green.
"PIDGE!!" Blue flapped his wings in rage and blew them away, to be continued....


posted 18-08-1999 12:03

Meanwhile (because I dont get what just happend) ash and his friends reached the shore.

"We can't go any further" said Brock. "We need to find a ride."
"If only I had a Lapras we could get across easily" said Misty

Ash and Pikachu went seatching. As luck would have it a whole group of Lapras were just around the bend.

"Were saved, as long as they arent hungry!!" said Brock.
Just then they heard a low rumbling growl from the nearest Laparas's stomach.

"Oh...." said Misty sadly.


posted 18-08-1999 12:15



Ash hit the earth with a sickening thud. The twisted face of Gary, wrapped in an evil grin, stared down at him. It would take more than Pikachu to save him this time. Sean, his traveling companion, seethed in rage.

"You're gonna pay for this," said Sean. He snatched a Pokeball off his belt and Gary screamed in horror as.....


posted 18-08-1999 09:17

"Huh?" Ash said as he realized he was laying on the floor.

"You were asleep Ash," Misty said. "We're still at the convention, remember?"
"Oh, right," said Ash.
Sean was at the Hyperball booth, but came over after he saw them. "Hey, you guys, I didn't know you were here. How come I keep showing up in Ash's dream?"

"We have a serious problem you guys," said Jenny. "Team rocket and team blaze have joined, their powers could destroy us all!" "That's not gonna happen," said ash and he twisted back his baseball cap.....

Mega 64

posted 18-08-1999 09:17

Suddenly a huge warp hole opened up and swallowed Ash while Sean made out with Misty. Brock ate his underwear and got underwearitis while Ash Jr. murdered Kenji Ketchum.

Ash landed in an open field and found himself surrounded by Chinese Leprechauns. Then he discovered they mimicked every move he made so he started doing the Macarena and they started doing the Macarena as well. As they did the Macarena they started falling asleep one by one and he caught them all. Then Ash Jr. and Pikachu Jr. defeated Lt. Surge Jr, Erika Jr, Sabrina Jr. Koga Jr. and Blaine Jr. but Donkey Kong Jr. got the better of them and Nurse Joy Jr. had to call Officer Jenny Jr to arrest him. Ash Jr. died and was relaced by Ash Jr. Jr.

"My nose hurts," said Ash.

They all went to Chinese Leprechauns Doing The Macarena City, where Ash bought Rattata meat, Misty bought Psyduck repellent, and Brock bought an hour with Nurse Joy. Then suddenly....

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"


Jessie captured Pikachu, James captured Ash Jr. Jr, but Meowth used Pay Day to rob Fort Knox and he caught them all. Misty used Horn Drill and knocked out Goofy with a 1 hit KO. Everyone yelled YAY, NO MORE IDIOT GOOFY!!! Pikachu exploded and I waited for my responses to writing such a crappy story so I could continue later.


posted 18-08-1999 09:17

i trashed mega for making that thing

then i filled pokemon island with portapotties



posted 18-08-1999 09:17

and made lots of typos

Mega 64

posted 18-08-1999 09:17

Then I threw out HERO (whose Email address is and he discovered the secret base and he caught them all. Then in episode 86 Brock died, but they re-edited some old footage to make it look like he just left. Then in episode 103 Misty had a baby while Togepi evolved into Togepi and Brock got Ash arrested for making out with his teacher in the broom closet at Six Flags. Then Ash caught Mew, Mewtwo, Mewthree, the Great Lakes, Africa, Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and he was about to catch Saturn when his alarm clock woke him up and he realized he had overslept and missed his free Pokemon from Professor Oak so he raced outside in his pajamas. Then everybody got angry with Japan for restarting the series over again and threatened to bomb them and World War III began. There was a shortage of paper and the series had to be cancelled for two years. Then suddenly.....

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