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The Top Ten Hottest Cartoon Women Ever By: philip

helo my nam is philip and this is my first retrojunk artical. i hope you enjoy it and decide to put it up. if you do, please delete this sentance.

throughout my years of living i have seen many cartoons, i have also seen many cartoon females. sure the action kept me watching them all but one big reason i kept being glued to the screen was because of the hott girls. i think we all share that.

so with that said i have formed a list of ther ten most hottest girls of cartoons. i hope you enjoy and look for more articals from me.

10. Jessica Rabbit

she said shes not bad shes just drawn that way, well, i think we drawn for each other. or drawn to each other., whichever.
of course she is already married to roger rabbit, well that is no problem,. i would just white out him.

she might be upset by that but after she got through crying i would make her learn to love me. next girle.

9. Mulan

mulan is hott she is the best disney princess. i have her tableware. it is a little small tho.

there are some who say mulan isnt a princess but i say she wouldnt be included in the offishle disney princess merchindise if she was not one. i liked it when she fot the bad men.

what is your myspace? my myspace is http://myspace.com/stufmuffin326532.

8. meg Griffin

i dont know why they hate meg they should all merry meg. because meg is so hott.
after i married meg i would improve family guy. here is how i would improve family guy:

Bearly legal (Name of episode hase bin editid for my idea): Petter trys to have a bear as a pet but Petter dose not know that it's agest the law to own a bear as a pet, so he trys to hide it rather then geting rid of it,

Prick up you ears: Petter is piercing his ears to be like his son Chris, but Pinky & the Brain find out that Petter's Ear rings have power to take over the wolrd & Pinky & the Brain trys to take it from him

It should also have TMS doing the animanion and Shigeru Miyamoto as the head of the show but still being called Family Guy, and with a new opening song.

7. Bobby's mother

i thought the way bobby’s mother talked was hot. my dream girl would say donchaknow and geegolly a lot. i used to have a girlfriend that looked like boby’s mother, in fact i think that’s why i first asked her out. but she didnt say that stuff. but thats not why we broke up.

her name was sandy and she was almost as hot as meg (wich is why shes below meg).we went out a few times but i have a few disorders she didnt understand. i am working on these disorders with medication. but i am to nervous to tak to her agan, maybe my new retrojunk fans can help. she lives at 4502 maple drive in flatsville TN and her credit card number is 98325178634. maybe you can find her; if you do tell her i said hello but dont tell her it was me that said it

6. Rainbow Brite

rainbow brite was very hott she could bring color to my world as weell as to my black and white tv. before i met sandy rainbow brite was my imaginary girlfrield. i had many erotic dreams about her, like the one where we wer turnips. turnips are also hott.

when i was dayting sandy rainbow brite tried to win me back. she would come into my head and frequently interrupt our dates. there was this one time she showed up when we were eating at applebees she said she was pregnant with my baby, which wasn't true because rainbow brite just wanted to breake upme and sandy. so i took her outside and decided to end it one and for all and i beat the stuff out of her. but then i realized it wasnt rainbow brite it was just a waitress. that got my in truble but i am better now.

though i might give rainbow brite another chance now that me and sandy are thru

5. Smurfette

smurfette was the smurfiest smurf, i would smurf her until the smurf went smurf in the smurf. im sorry peyo if i made you mad by this choice. please do not sue me, sue retrojunk, because they are big and can pay the cash., i live in a trailer in tenisee.,

actually i think all the smurfs are hott

4. So White

so white is the hottest racist character ever. those big lips are very very sexy. if this ofends u think about this angline jolie has lips like that and nobody says sher is racist. sandy had big lips to.

now that i think about it i really do miss sandy, i wonder if she would take me back. she had problems tolerating my irritable bowel syndrome and my antisemitism. but maybe she can become more tolerant with medication just lik i am now. anyway, this is about so white so so white is hott and there i said it now onto the next girle. git-r-done. lol

3. Jigglypuff

doode you know its true, i dunno if jugglypuff is female but i think rachel lillis is female so im calling jigglupuff female. the othar reason is becauyse those big eyes are so hott you melt at the sight of them. jigglypuff also has a small tail. so did sandy.

who is rachel lillis anyway?

2. Ren

i love ren she is very hott. i thought it was good that she and stimpee finaly got togather in the lost episode dvd but i think she would dump him in a sec. if she knew about me. then i could march up to sandy and say ha ha who needs you i have ren. that would show her. that would sho everybody. yeah.

1. Christopher Walken

you no im right, if christopher walken were an animated female character she would be very hott. maybe not as hott as rainbow brite but i am making walking my number one choice anyway. who hasnt dreamt of a female walken i ask you.

well that is my list and i hope i made you think. my goal is to write for the wall street journal bbut we all ned to start somewheres. i think this is a good first job. i also think sandy will be so impressed with it that she will take me back right? right sandy?

well its not like i need her answer i can get most girls.


ps. are you jeaklous yet sandy? wanna go out?

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By nfw4ibvyi78236 On 09/30/2006
this was really good. best r.j. article yet. you'll be famous somweday.
By smellyman On 09/30/2006
Good work, Philip. There was only one problem, though...

By Lethal Ninja On 09/30/2006
It was horrible. Kill yourself.
By burf On 09/30/2006
This list is missing Baby Miss Piggy. How can you forget about Baby Miss Piggy?
By Rosie On 09/30/2006
i tot it was gd by d way b sur 2 wach me on the view n suport tom cruz n kill evryone that does not agree with me on major issues k thx by

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