Ever since Platypus Comix came out with its first book, readers have been wondering what else they'll be hocking in the future. Hold on to your hats! Yes, the day has come--Mulberry has been licensed to appear in her first video game! Alongside the one classic video game character who has NEVER let anyone down--Sonic the Hedgehog! And starring in the single greatest, most entertaining, most top-selling video game sport of all--the Olympics genre! How can you go wrong, I tell you?

Look for ALL your favorite characters to make an appearance, including:







Big the Cat!

Shadow the Evil Hedgehog!

Mortimer the Morally Confused Gray-Area Middle-of-the-Road Hedgehog!

Scrappy Sonic!

And a few surprise characters too!


But that's not all! If you enjoyed Platypus Comix's first book, stay tuned for the second one: a trade paperback graphic novel! And what'd I hear you say? Come a little closer! No, speak a little louder! You say you want more crossovers?

We aim to please! This high-quality publication was written by Neil Gaiman, and posthumously drawn by Jack Kirby months before his death! We've waited this long, seriously!

If you came here for a new cartoon....hold yer horses, producing this merchandise kept us busy.