Atom 20
Our current past may lead to a terrifying present!

Today I popped in a random disc and booted it up.

Hmm. No idea where to begin. I decided to go in alphabetical order, meaning the first "A" file.

According to the info in the BASIC code, Atom 20 was written July 1, 1977. The original Apple II was first displayed in public in April 1977. (They must have written this rather quickly.)


We were wiped out six years ago. Well, that just bites, ya know?
Now Iraq is doomed to fall under chaos.

Wow, this sounds like a real jolly game.

I don't even KNOW what a naurual accident is; what if it has to do with my bowels?


I typed, "BANG."


What else can I do?

Look, I'm sorry, but if I let that bear boss me around now, he'd always feel superior to me.

UPDATE: I recently got an Email from some guy begging for the ROM to this game. I asked why, and he said he ran a museum and this happened to be the game the original Oregon Trail program was based on. Honestly, I chose this by random and didn't know that at all!