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A Celebration of BASIC
Arcade Boot Camp
Apple Cassette Games
Atom 20
Bad Dudes
Beagle Bag
Create with Garfield
Dung Beetles
Kill Sammy
Montezuma's Revenge
Moon Patrol
NEW! Mystery House
New Fly Killer
Nightmare #6
Number Munchers
Oregon Trail
Power Bots
Russki Duck
Spy Hunter
Swords and Sorcery
Take 1 Film Creator
When the Apple Loves You Back
Wumpus 2

Step into the crazy world of early 80's computer software! Read about fascinating, frightening and bizarre games--then play them! No messy downloads or nothin'...Right on the page!

FTA created the ActiveX Apple emulator that made these articles possible.

Before you go any further...if you plan to mess with the games, TURN CAPS LOCK ON. Yes, this will cause you to shout at all your instant messaging buddies, but many early Apple games ran on models that did not have lower-case type. If the keys aren't responding to the game, the most likely problem is that CAPS LOCK is not on.

Load time can also throw some people off. If you're waiting longer than thirty seconds for a game to appear, it hasn't frozen; this is just the kind of emulator that emulates too well by loading its games at the same speed an actual Apple would.

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