Create with Garfield

In the future, the Garfield comic strip will be drawn by a cybernetic robot who has stored in his memory a number of Garfield cliches which it can spit out at random. They'll then be signed by Jim Davis' head in a jar, and legitimately called his own creations.
But for you, the future is NOW! THIS miraculous Apple program will allow you to manufacture a Garfield cartoon just like the professionals do!

Of course Garfield still has his 80's design, and his 1978 logo. What do you want, cell phones and terrorism? Just be grateful you get to mess with Garfield at all, pickyboy.

Your first step is to set the background. The disk has about 6, and they come in creative and varied varieties like THESE:

"Corner" and "Wall." Okay, be fair, the strip itself had sparse settings, and the TV series with its fluffy wallpaper and colorful yellow kitchen hadn't happened yet. They weren't cutting corners. maybe it's blatantly obvious they were, but the "Fence" setting was a lot more detailed.
Now, if you want to, you can load your own background(you'll probably want to). "Create with Garfield" doesn't have a paint program, so you have to make your own hi-res screen with some other disk. When I downloaded this one, it came zipped with a second disk labeled "Garfld1." It had to be the data disk of the guy who originally owned the program and uploaded it all. I couldn't believe he included that and I was more interested in the works he came up with than using "Corner," so I fired up his disk. He had two backgrounds saved; I chose the first one.

It's beautiful. Jackson Pollack, eat your heart out.

Now that I had my background chosen, it was time to add Garfield and make it a strip. That's when you go to the "STICK-ONS."

I used to have a set of Garfield Colorforms...this is the same thing, computer-fied. You can choose from a set of Garfield actions, a set of Odie actions, a set of Jon actions, a set of Garfield's food actions....and so on. You're not limited to the set on the disk, either: once again you can load from another disk, but once again there's also no program that lets you do it. I tried the other guy's disk, but he hadn't made any stickers.
It wouldn't be complete without dialogue, so I now added that. You can either enter your own caption into word balloons of varied size, or select one from the menu that contains something Garfield would never say such as "Hang In There Baby!" or "Weekend Warrior!" If you followed all that, as I did, you now have a completed Garfield cartoon. Like THIS one!

Unfortunately you can't print it because no Apple emulator can translate print commands to a modern-day printer(a shame). Altogether, on the surface it looks like there's not much you can do with this program, especially since you can't print anything! But just wait....since the program looks for picture files on any type of disk, you could theoretically just put any game in there, get a screen from it, and paste Garfield on it. Once I figured this out, the replay value for "Create with Garfield" went up 900 percent.

This game was cracked by the Sheik and the Streaker.