SNOW WHITE PIANO BOOK: You can see, up above, the glue scar from where one of those tiny tinny pianos used to be. Snow White looks kind of different, doesn't she? Nothing like the popular Disney variation at all...WAIT A MINUTE....WHAT'S THIS?

AHA! It's by the unscrupulous slime dogs at GOODTIMES VIDEO! If you've never heard of this company, it's one that makes its bread off of creating cheapie knockoffs of Disney movies and selling them to inattentive parents. Since most popular Disney properties are based on public domain fairy tales, it's a legal stunt they can't be punished for. Goodtimes' latest DVD is called "The Frog Prince" and was released the same week that The Princess and the Frog came out in theaters. It's still available, and fooling nearsighted grandmothers nationwide.

A lot of the thrown-out children's books deal with subject matter today's kids no longer care about, such as 1980's arcade games. It's always sad to see a property you enjoyed as a tyke wind up in a dirty cardboard box.

Here's another one. They didn't have to throw this one out. It could easily be repurposed for a 2010 audience:

Now I can sell it myself!