In the time since I created the original Policy Trailer Jamboree, several more policy trailers have appeared at YouTube, and been removed just as quickly. But not before I snagged 'em all, so hold onto your synthetic-butter popcorn and prepare for Act II!


Cineplex Odeon was a Canadian theater chain that also existed in the United States during the 80's and 90's. Today it's known as "Cineplex Entertainment" and exclusive to the Great North.

Can you name the movie trailer that cuts in at the end of this clip?


Every single Mann Theatres trailer was posted on YouTube by a guy with "BarackObama" in his name (I don't think he WAS Obama, though I can't be entirely sure). You're of course familiar with Mann's Chinese Theatre. Ted Mann bought the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 1973, shamelessly renamed it after himself, and created fifteen more Mann Theatres across Southern California.

The earliest Mann trailer is typical of trailers shown in the 70's and early 80's, where an announcer flatly states the theater's rules and services while visual representations of what he's talking about shimmer into existence via glitter-paint.

An early Feature Presentation spot. This creepy score would give anyone goosebumps. I think I even heard a monster roaring at the end.

Same graphics, different dub: this one brings back the man from the Coming Attractions trailer to give the spot some voice. Why'd they have two different versions of this? Was the first one recalled for being too scary?

An early 90's revision and a new logo came with this one. NOW they have STEREO!

This one's the prettiest, circa 1999.

What's bizarre is that they came out with THIS one year later, their ugliest trailer, featuring CGI that no longer looked cutting-edge by the 90's. This was the last one Barack Obama had to offer.